Tuesday, 6 January 2015

D at.. 22 Months

This past weekend D turned 22 months and things are starting to change in our household. With Christmas being a main focus this month a lot of our activities where arranged around that.
Even with Christmas being a massive event D has changed and grown a lot this month. We have again been learning about animal's this month and how they move, alongside what they are called and what sounds they make.

D can now say 'doggie' very clearly, I actually think it is the most understandable word D can say and family, friends and people we meet when out can really understand him. This now results in clapping when anyone except myself and Daddy reply with anything in relation to a dog. D is learning about animals moving around and how they do it. We have been learning about frogs, dinosaurs,  donkey's,  sheep, dogs, turtles and fish (mostly though our new puzzles). We have been very much enjoying pretend time and have all been pretending we are many different animals and finding fun, new adventures to go on as animals together. Our favourite animal to pretend to be is dinosaur's!  We all pretend to be big dinosaur's who love to 'rawr' and try to tickle each other! This is amazing fun and a great way for us to all spend time together. 

Another favourite pass time this month has been puzzles.  All our puzzles had been kept up on a table or in our bookcase as D used to just pull them out and hide the pieces. At the start of the month we put them under the TV unit, easily accessible for D to do whenever he wants to. When we did this, I never would have expected the outcome we had. D LOVES puzzles. He does at least one every day with most days involving 2-3 different puzzles being done. We have 5 wooden puzzles that you put the pieces in the right places, one puzzle box that has 4 puzzles inside, each puzzle has 2,3,4 or 5 pieces and these are what I would classify as a normal puzzle. They are made of cardboard and slot in together in the same way a puzzle done by me or you would, finally we have a giant floor puzzle which is a Christmas scene from a house or school. (This one is relatively new as we got it from Santa) D can do all of the puzzles with ranges in age groups from 12-18 months and 'proper' puzzles (the last two mentioned above) are for 3 plus. D does require a little help with the 5 piece puzzle and a good deal of help with the floor puzzle but can do all the rest on his own and regularly does so by just looking at where they should fit. We are now starting to ask him for specific pieces by name and not by where they fit, so far he is doing well but we will continue to grow his love for puzzles now we have discovered it.

D is still growing his vocabulary and this month has learnt to quite clearly say:
Don't leave me (this started when I went to the bathroom in nannies house)
Wait on me ( when we walk too fast)

He has started to learn to say:
Little donkey (from the Christmas song and story)
And finally Drum.
These words are less clear to others but we can understand him. D is learning to talk in sentences more and more. There are less single words or 2 words together now.

D is also learning about babies and how to look after then by playing with his doll from santa. His baby gets regularly fed (real cereal because D won't pretend to give him pretend food) D eats the dry cereal once baby is finished. Baby gets his bottle and cuddles and kisses at night before bed. Yes I do encourage this with any child, they are building life skills and having fun doing it.

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