Saturday, 31 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #13

This week we had two pretty big events, a few relaxing days and lots of family time with fun!

At the the start of the week Daddy got his tattoo, (finally!) He has been meaning to get D's name tattooed for over a year  now. He just hadn't got round to it but just before Christmas he started to look into it and booked his time and date. There is still one sitting to go to finish it. When it's finished I can hopefully share it. (Provided we can position it right!) D didn't notice for 3 days but now points to Daddies neck and has rawring competitions with the monster!

Monday and Tuesday where spent mostly relaxing and playing together as we had planned to be busy for the rest of the week. With baking, puzzles, films, toys, games and tickling. We had a lot of fun and I must admit our tech free time turned into almost 2 full days while D was awake.

Wednesday started with lots of playing and a little bit of cleaning, D helped out by playing his clean up games. Then it started to snow! (Yay!) Out we went in our pj's to feel the snow and look at it. Since the last time it snowed with rain mixed in was when D was about 1-2 months old (yes, it really snowed in March) he hadn't really experienced snow before,  D was fascinated and loved holding his hands out to catch the falling snow.  However the snow didn't lie and what did quickly turned to ice!

Wednesday night was our first big event Nannies Birthday. We had arranged to go out for dinner with the family and considering that only 2 other family members who aren't D's aunt's,  uncles, cousin or nanny and granda came we needed a 13 seat table. We eat lots of lovely food, laughed and talked for over 2 hours.  At one point D decided to try and escape.  One minute he was on the chair beside me, the next he wasn't.  I have to admit I panicked for a minute but he hadn't got to far just the other side of the wall (about 2-3 feet from us). D decided to take some selfies after everyone else did and he kept saying cheese! After that it was home time and still snowing.

On Thursday we had planned our usual 9+ mile walk to visit family but with it still snowing pretty heavy as well as lots of rain forecast for later we stayed in instead. We watched some TV, played and all got lovely warm pj's on to snuggle up with. 

Yesterday we had a new addition to my family with D having a new uncle arrive! He was 8lb when we showed D a picture he said baby. Although he kept trying to take my phone. It will still be a while before we get to meet him as they live in England but I am sure by then I can figure out Skype ( I hope).

Granda got snowed in on Friday so D couldn't go up but we are going today as normal.  We are currently on the bus on our way there.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful week too!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Let's Get Baking - Apple Turnovers

Now that December has well and truly gone I miss the time me and D spent baking, but we can't bake every week of the year or it's just not special (plus I will get fatter, not smaller!). With this in mind I have decided we will continue with our let's get baking (Woo hoo!) And we will do it every month,  we will bake at some point throughout each month so basically when we take a mood for something tasty and fun! Every month on the last Thursday we will share our 'recipes' ( I'm not sure if you can call them that) and all of our fun! Why not join in with us too and if you have something you want to try but are apprehensive then ask and we will (attempt to) do a dry run for you! Baking with children is funny, exciting,  wondrous and yummy! The mess? Well it happens and it's usually really easy to tidy as you go with our experiments 'recipes' (if it's not I will tell you at the top of the post!)

For this year's first Let's get Baking we are making apple turnovers as they are sometimes known as. As per usual I kind of started by following a recipe, got as far as ingredients and then just winged it (we like to experiment! ) and hoped for the best.

First you need puff pastry and we always make puff pastry so I usually follow this recipe.  However, true to form the one time I write about it and need it to work properly it didn't. I have never added anything on top of our puff pastry except on a few bits for puff pastry pizza, (yummy! A must try for everyone! ) but never like this. You can use shop bought puff pastry sheets if you don't fancy making your own (Yes we can all cheat). Once we have our pastry we can start on the filling! If you would like to follow the actual recipe it can be found here.

You will need:

  • 2 apples (preferably Granny Smith)

  • Puff pastry - The recipe above makes a good amount, if shop bought use 2 sheets.

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • 2 tablespoons of plain flour

  • 2 tablespoons of water

  • 1-2 teaspoons of sugar

  • 1 egg, already beaten

I have to say this is the easiest recipe we have ever made! Firstly you have to peel, de-core and cut the apples into small chunks, D really enjoyed being able to eat all the apple skins and quite happily sat while I peeled and cut everything. once you have your apples all cut up you will need to preheat the oven at 200 C
Put everything except your egg and puff pastry into the bowl and give it a good mix! You may need to add an extra tablespoon of water it's up to you. D really enjoyed eating the apples!


Now its time to roll out the pastry follow the same directions as before if you are using your own. cut in half then divided your two squarish shapes in half diagonally. If you're using shop bought pastry cut each sheet in half diagonally.


Fill each  triangle half full by using about 1/4 of the apple mixture. Brush the edge with egg and seal closed using a fork and pressing the prongs around the edge (don't worry if you don't have a pastry brush you use one of your fingers). Prick the pastry on top with the fork and apply some egg over the top ( not too much though)


Pop it in the oven and cook until the pastry is golden brown, you can serve hot or cold and you add anything you like to have with apple turnovers. Easy peasy!

Like I said our pastry didn't really puff so I haven't added our finished picture so as not to confuse you.

We did all really enjoy making these and they are pretty nice even though we did something wrong along the way. I hope many of you give it a try!

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #12

This week our adventures will include some from last week. I didn't write our weekly post last week for a few reasons but mostly because for most of last week we where all still sick. Which meant our most exciting daily activity was super comfortable pj days filled with films and toys being played with in between our family naps. Like I said not very exciting but very enjoyable! It's not often we get this amount of pure family time (we are working on it though).

It was Thursday before we felt we could venture from the house without risking any of us getting any worse. At this point we hadn't watched the weather for about 4 days, this was a bad idea. We where all getting ready to leave the house (Yay!) When the rain started, we could then see the wind. We managed to miss a weather warning for 4 days! It was simply too wet and windy to go anywhere.

Friday came with the prospect of D free time, Granda came to take D for the first time since Christmas.  We decided we'd have a nice night watching TV, relaxing and a nice Long bath. Didn't quite go like that... within an hour Simon had fell asleep, so I watched lots of films on Netflix after a quick trip to the shop for popcorn (my heaven!).

On Saturday I actually started our post but I couldn't get any further than 3-4 sentences, after 3 attempts to no avail I realised I wasn't comfortable forcing myself to post something I wasn't happy with (Sorry!). With that decided it was time for a good long walk to the shop with D's aunts and cousin (Boy, did that walk hurt!) After we got back to granda's I helped my sister with a few things and it was time to go back home.

On Monday the almost impossible happened! We started our de-cluttering and the first of new year wishes, (I do realise being seriously excited by this is very strange,  but I was) we started with Daddies drawers. I think this was the core of excitement.  All those broken,  dried up pens, random bits of useless paper I can't even understand?  All gone! I must say he was really great about it and soon realised that it was mostly junk after I found three chargers for a phone we owned 4 years ago. What makes this worse is we lived in a different country when the phone broke! (They don't make phones to use the charger anymore!, I had to check,  Yes really) along with other very random, useless objects the broken computer is finally put away (it's going to get fixed, eventually) our bedroom now looks like a bedroom!  YAY no more junk just sitting because 'we might need it'.

Tuesday brought our shopping day and we are finding ways to keep D occupied in the trolley (cars!) Meaning less tantrums and we can actually do the shopping he had lots of fun too so a good day all round.

Thursday finally came and it was time for our 9+ mile walk to visit granda's, granny's, nanny, aunt's,  uncle's and cousins along with some adult conversion that isn't with daddy. It was before Christmas the last time we had visited and that feels so long ago now. January's really flying by and it was nice to see everyone along with D getting so excited to play with the toy in granda's work,  I am beginning to think it's the only reason he wants to go!
Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What We're Reading - We Are Wearing Out The Naughty Step by Nick Inkpen

We are avid readers in our house with a vast and ever growing collection of books of many varieties. I thought it would be nice to share with you our favourite book every month as there seems to be a pattern appearing in D's choice of story.

This month our favourite and most read book is We are wearing out the naughty step by Nick Inkpen. we only added this title to our collection in the first week of January but it has been read so much I can probably tell you the whole story word for word!

The book caught our eye with a title pretty much describing how we felt the first week of January.

The story is about a little girl, her brother,  their dog and their mum. We love the fact that it's wrote through the eye's of a toddler and expresses emotions and understanding that an adult would have to really think about to understand or even get to in their line of thought. The book is engaging, fun, colourful and brilliantly funny,  D was laughing hysterically at some of the things the little girl gets up to with her brother (usually doing something to the dog or mummy!) I even found myself laughing along to the antics and reasoning from a toddler.

The story itself is not long but very aptly described, meaning we can discover each page for a short time together without D losing interest or getting frustrated. With beautifully illustrated pictures on each page depicting the story and lots of things to look for on the pages for extra learning together. This book is well worth the read and will probably continue to be a favourite for a long time to come!

The book is £5.99.
Thursday, 15 January 2015

5 Ways To Deal With Tantrums

For our final 5 things post we are talking tantrums,  a regular occurrence in our house. I know this is more ways to prevent or stop tantrums but with toddlers they are going to happen, you just have to stick with it apparently they stop but I'm not so sure! D is fast approaching the testing two's (a name someone said to me before that much better describes the reason behind a two year old behaviour! ) with tantrums and uncharacteristic behaviour.  So if your struggling to get tantrums under control why not try these tips?

1. Time out - D started this one all on his own! Create a safe calm environment for your child in a place that's accessible and nearby your most used place or room. D sits on the stairs and I do think this is due to D always having a tantrum about being on the naughty step but every time he's asked to calm down when he's throwing a tantrum that's where he goes. Calmly explain that throwing a tantrum will not allow them to have what they want and why they can't have it. Tell your child that they can sit in the calm place (whatever you have put down for them to sit on) and once they are calm enough they can go back to what they where doing. You may need to remind them to come off at first to establish they understand calm and not calm. This method is great when at home or at family members homes. It can be adapted for cushions, chairs or even their pram.

2. Create a plan for outside the home - Being a parent to a toddler means tantrums happen any where including when you are out and especially when shopping. With people staring and whispering to each other its easy to become agitated. Creating a plan is a great way to stay calm and in control, I know that's a tall order but it can happen. The plan can be very simple, our plan is that if a tantrum starts to take place we move to relatively empty place and stop. We tell D we will not be continuing what we are doing until he is calm enough and that if he cannot do that we are going straight home. The key is to stick to it! Stand by what you say every time,  if you cannot take them home then don't say you will the same for if you tell them they can have something then you will have to give them it (I don't recommend this as they then associate tantrums with rewards). The first while the tantrums may happen more or last longer, if you stick to it then you will notice the difference after they realise you are going to continue with this.

3. Do not get angry or annoyed - I know this is hard but you will just be telling your child not to express themselves and I'm sure you will agree this is not what we want to achieve.  If you need to take a deep breath to achieve this then do, no parent would judge you! Children are very perceptive to your tone of voice and body language for a calm toddler you need a calm adult. You will also want to avoid 'that is bad, naughty, babyish or anything along those lines (you would be surprised the things I hear while shopping! ) when dealing with tantrums. 

4. Stop and listen - sometimes a tantrum can be for a different reason than you think, always ask why if they point or show you the same thing then it is but many a time has D shown me something completely different to what I am telling him no for. Sometimes this is enough to calm them down and will other times require another way too.

5. Throw a tantrum!  - I only recommend this for at home use when nothing else is working or tantrums are over nothing.  Just get on the floor and throw a tantrum like your child. Yes I have told you before I am crazy, but this works amazingly!  They see how they look having a tantrum plus they tend to be in shock that you are throwing a tantrum and quickly stop! Although I imagine this would stop if used to much.

There you have it how we deal with the ever growing tantrums! I must say these really help us to keep D calm and to stop a tantrum.  If you have any tips just add them below everything helps when you are trying to control a tantrum with a toddler.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Household Tidy Up Games

In our house I am the one who cleans and tidies everyday, I do the big cleans and clear outs while I boss daddy around telling him that he needs to do this and that. This is because daddies pretty useless at actually cleaning it the way I want it cleaned in under 3 hours (per room!). What will usually happen is that I clean 2-3 rooms while daddy does 1 (usually the living room) in the end I will give up and go behind him to do it the right way.

D loves to help us clean and tidy, I am quite glad of this interest if I am honest. While daddy does help a lot I do prefer to do smaller daily things alone and will tend to do these while daddy gets a bath/shower or while he is out. D seems to love this time and as soon as he sees me start to get the things I need he's over like a whippet! Without this interest I would get nothing done without daddy around.  We have now started to turn our daily cleaning into games and I thought it would nice to share these with you in case anyone could use them or would like to try. The games teach and aid in the learning of many things but in a new way.

Firstly I should say that I don't have names for the games but I can say they are great fun and time efficient for me, it does take a little longer to complete the tasks however you aren't constantly stopping to occupy a toddler.

Hangers! - we have a lot of hangers, none of which are sharp or of a danger when supervised. Most are made of coloured plastic bent into a triangle in various sizes for me and daddy then for D's clothes. You will need a few different colours of hangers for the game to work.  It's quite boring if they are all the same.  This I must say is D's favourite game and as soon as I get the washing basket he's running for the stairs! Basically the game is D gets all the hangers that don't have clothes on in front of him on the bed. I start to take out the washing and ask for hangers of a certain colour and size ie. Small blue or orange and D will give me the hanger if it's not right I just say opps silly billy that one is... then ask again for the right one. I must say this game is great for colour recognition and D even learnt to say and recognise blue from the game.  At the start it will take a little bit of getting used to for your child and will take longer but it's a great habit and learning tool to teach. They will remember how fun it was and that time spent together doing something.

Home time for toys - at regular points throughout the day we have to tidy away for toys that just get left after boredom arrives. D used to hate this bit but now he loves to say bye or night to his toys. Each has a home and has to go in the right place! I will ask D to get certain toys and bring them to their 'house' (usually the toy box) but they have to go in order or they don't all fit! I actually love this game, there's nothing cuter than a toddler giving hugs and kisses to a fish bowl toy because it's their turn to say night night. Yes this does take a while longer than of you did it yourself but it teaches them to love, care and tidy up their toys on their own.  D has started to now put a toy away before he gets another, so I can tell you it does work.

Sorting your washing - I like most people wash certain clothes separately.  It's probably best to keep delicate in a pile behind you for this one! Basically I empty the washing bag in the kitchen and put down a piece of clothing from each pile. Then D will be given one at a time and asked 'what does this one match?' Although he's now getting good at this,  when we started he almost always got it wrong but again I just said 'oh I don't think that's right! ' if they are good at it and sometimes get one wrong or walk over instead of changing the pile it was in then just pick it up and move it.  They don't mind and think your playing too!

The final game is where does it go? - This is the most adaptable game and is regularly used in our house for many things.  It's also probably the easiest.  While cleaning up lift random item's and ask 'where does it go?' Give it to them to put away.  I use this for our fridge shopping and fruit. Just be prepared to find things in a few random places from time to time! We can now put washing, rubbish,  shopping,  toys and shoes away. I know a lot of you will say 'well obviously' to this but NEVER play this game with cleaning products or anything that may be a danger and do not use this with dishes unless plastic until your child is of an appropriate age!

Remember to have fun too! All the games are also giving your child a good idea and understanding of how to clean and  starts good housing habits that will stick as it's fun and your not constantly repeating 'tidy up please'. Regularly playing these games and adapting them to age will allow your child to develop a like for tiding and playing at the same time.
Saturday, 10 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #11

This week we are a little lacking in adventures but I do have one in particular that I really wanted to share.

On Sunday evening D was sitting doing puzzles in the living room but he kept pulling at his nappy. I asked him if he wanted it changed (it wasn't really wet and wasn't dirty) after a short think he said yes.

Not long after I had changed D he started to do it again but was still playing so I left him to it. After a few minutes he was sitting on the floor taking off his trousers. (nothing new with that!) I was in for a shock! He walked over took my hand and took me to the bathroom,  pointed to the toilet and then himself and finally his nappy. I finally realised what was wrong.  My baby wants to potty train! I don't think I am ready for this yet, I almost had a little cry. We have not really been getting to it this week as after Monday night D lost interest.

After deciding that it's 'big boy toilet' time D started to get sick on Sunday night and seemed fine by the next morning.  However Monday night came and D was waking up coughing so much he couldn't breathe and was really scaring us. After a call to the bell doc I was more than angry but tried what they said and surprise surprise it made it worse.  In the end we had to go to A and E with D, by 1am on Tuesday morning we had already had a very tiring day. We have been told D has had croup and was also starting to get tonsillitis (D gets tonsillitis every time he gets sick).

By late Tuesday night myself and daddy started to feel ill and by Wednesday we where all lying on the sofa most of the day sleeping or just watching TV. This has pretty much been daily life since and will more than likely be today as well.

Like I said not many adventures this but one big adventure to start a massive journey that is scaring me incredibly. I write this in hope you are all having a better week than us!
Thursday, 8 January 2015

Five Things... I Couldn't Do Before Becoming Mum

Last week I started with talking about things I didn't know about before D came into the world and those bits about being a parent that parents don't tell non - parents about. This week I wanted to share with you changes that have happened to my life and how I see life since I have become a mum to D.

Over the last 22 months our lives have changed dramatically. Those first few months of baby smells,  cuddles, recovery and one-handed completion of everything on your 'to-do' list are long gone and fast becoming a distant memory.  Now we have tantrum control, tidy up time, cleaning around the toddler who no longer naps and very little time. However looking back on all the changes that have slowly happened in our lives,  I can notice great changes and growing as a family is important to fit everything in.

I remember during pregnancy and at the start of parenthood feeling very apprehensive at all the daily tasks that seemed so daunting with a baby in the mix. We made it work and developed skills I regularly put to good use! That time I now look at as a time for learning, growing and preparing. Yes, you did read that right I said preparing because doing everything in your daily life will seem like a doddle with a baby once they become a toddler. Everything is harder to do with a walking, playing, talking toddler following behind you saying 'no mummy', 'me now!', 'yum yum mummy' all while pulling any body part they can to get you to go play with the ball instead of cleaning the dishes.

Okay, I think I have rambled enough (I am still working on that one) here they are, five things I couldn't do before becoming mum.

1. Surviving on very little sleep - I distinctly remember while I was pregnant everyone saying 'enjoy your sleep while you still can'. To this day this advice still baffles me, it's not that I slept the same amount after having D as I did before. During pregnancy everything changes, including our sleep. During the last trimester we all experience a greater need to go to the bathroom, especially at night. So by the time of giving birth your getting up between 3-5 times a night if not more yes? Then if your like me you spend what feels like forever getting comfortable to get back to sleep. You sleep for no time at all or so it feels and repeat the process. With this slowly creeping into your life your body adjusts to the change. When D was born he fed 3 times a night, for around 30-40 minutes at a time. D was breastfed so I was the only one who could feed him, 3 30-40 minute feeds meant that after D was born I was actually sleeping for longer than I was when pregnant I woke most mornings feeling refreshed and well slept. Now maybe this is just me but I don't understand why people say that to pregnant women. I can however understand when it is said to a man, they have no preparation for less sleep.

2. Leaving the house - This was a big shock for me when D was born and leaving the house meant starting 2 1/2 hours before we actually had to leave. It didn't even take me that long to get ready for a night out before D was born! It's hard at the start to imagine a time when getting yourselves and a child ready to leave the house in a reasonable time frame. It now takes us under an hour for all 3 of us to be completely ready to leave and that's when I put make up on! (not very often) I would never have thought it possible at the start for all of us to leave in a reasonable amount of time but here we are with changing bag packed with everything from nappies to snacks and a change of clothes, all 3 of us washed, fed, dressed and wrapped up leaving in under one hour! It is possible if your still at that starting point, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Multi-tasking - I should start with I could multi task before just not in the way I can now. Becoming a mum means you need to have a lot of arms and eyes basically everywhere and
while it's a shame we can't just grow them, we do seem to adjust to being able to multi-task more as babies grow and we get to grips with being parents. I can now keep D occupied while I tidy up, do the dishes and make dinner (when Daddy is out) or I can clean, tidy and sort two rooms out at the same time as playing with D. We just bring the toy that D is playing with along as we move around or I get him to help by putting toys away or lifting bits up and bringing them to me! There are great games you can make up to get toddlers to help with the daily tidy up!

4. A sixth sense - Wow that sounds quite ominous! I have started to notice I can always tell where D is and what he is doing most of the time while I am busy. I can tell how far away he is by the volume of sound I hear and gauge where he is in the house. I can easily recognise by the sounds of movement if he is on the carpet, tiles, stairs or up stairs. As a parent of a toddler you quickly learn that silence indicates they're up to no good and a quick search usually proves you right!

5. Confidence/ Body acceptance - This has to be the biggest change for me. In the world we are living in body image is a huge thing for females and until recently the media has been all about how skinny and perfect females are and aren't. Fat was a word used in media for women who have gone past a size 8. When I was a child and in primary school I remember that I was 'fat' in primary 5 or 6 I was having to wear adults sizes as teenage sizes where too small. Considering when you leave primary school you should be about 11 not fitting into an age 14-15 was quite bad. When I reached secondary school I was determined to be skinny and I went to extremes to achieve it too. I can remember one of my extremes was mushrooms, my mum started to buy these massive mushrooms every week and I loved them! So that was pretty much all I ate for a week or so. She still tells people about that! She tells me that I was just 'weird' which to be fair I really was. Anyway I did get to a size 8 but I never looked like the pictures in the media, I have big hips and always have as far back as I remember. This means that I would probably never looked like those pictures. But the point I am making is my body has always been a sticking point with me. I always felt 'fat' and I now HATE that word. I ended up being a size 18 a few months after D was born and remained that size until a few months ago. The difference between before D at size 12-14 to now size 16 is that I am happy to be a flabby mummy! (Never thought I'd say that) My size only matters if I let it, having D has taught me that I can be happy with my body. I have stretch marks, a birth mark the size of my hand ( only really visible in winter) and I have fat. But I don't care what other people think when they look at me. So this has been my biggest achievement since having D and has changed my life in so many ways.

I love reading your comments and finding out about you too. Feel free to add anything you think should be here too!
Tuesday, 6 January 2015

D at.. 22 Months

This past weekend D turned 22 months and things are starting to change in our household. With Christmas being a main focus this month a lot of our activities where arranged around that.
Even with Christmas being a massive event D has changed and grown a lot this month. We have again been learning about animal's this month and how they move, alongside what they are called and what sounds they make.

D can now say 'doggie' very clearly, I actually think it is the most understandable word D can say and family, friends and people we meet when out can really understand him. This now results in clapping when anyone except myself and Daddy reply with anything in relation to a dog. D is learning about animals moving around and how they do it. We have been learning about frogs, dinosaurs,  donkey's,  sheep, dogs, turtles and fish (mostly though our new puzzles). We have been very much enjoying pretend time and have all been pretending we are many different animals and finding fun, new adventures to go on as animals together. Our favourite animal to pretend to be is dinosaur's!  We all pretend to be big dinosaur's who love to 'rawr' and try to tickle each other! This is amazing fun and a great way for us to all spend time together. 

Another favourite pass time this month has been puzzles.  All our puzzles had been kept up on a table or in our bookcase as D used to just pull them out and hide the pieces. At the start of the month we put them under the TV unit, easily accessible for D to do whenever he wants to. When we did this, I never would have expected the outcome we had. D LOVES puzzles. He does at least one every day with most days involving 2-3 different puzzles being done. We have 5 wooden puzzles that you put the pieces in the right places, one puzzle box that has 4 puzzles inside, each puzzle has 2,3,4 or 5 pieces and these are what I would classify as a normal puzzle. They are made of cardboard and slot in together in the same way a puzzle done by me or you would, finally we have a giant floor puzzle which is a Christmas scene from a house or school. (This one is relatively new as we got it from Santa) D can do all of the puzzles with ranges in age groups from 12-18 months and 'proper' puzzles (the last two mentioned above) are for 3 plus. D does require a little help with the 5 piece puzzle and a good deal of help with the floor puzzle but can do all the rest on his own and regularly does so by just looking at where they should fit. We are now starting to ask him for specific pieces by name and not by where they fit, so far he is doing well but we will continue to grow his love for puzzles now we have discovered it.

D is still growing his vocabulary and this month has learnt to quite clearly say:
Don't leave me (this started when I went to the bathroom in nannies house)
Wait on me ( when we walk too fast)

He has started to learn to say:
Little donkey (from the Christmas song and story)
And finally Drum.
These words are less clear to others but we can understand him. D is learning to talk in sentences more and more. There are less single words or 2 words together now.

D is also learning about babies and how to look after then by playing with his doll from santa. His baby gets regularly fed (real cereal because D won't pretend to give him pretend food) D eats the dry cereal once baby is finished. Baby gets his bottle and cuddles and kisses at night before bed. Yes I do encourage this with any child, they are building life skills and having fun doing it.

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Five Things.. I didn't know before D

We have all brought in the new year and welcomed 2015 to our lives, with a lot of happiness for all of you. Now that's it has arrived I can stop talking about Christmas and the new year. (Well I can now)

Last year there where a lot of new additions to our families with a cousin, two  nieces and a nephew between mine and Daddies families.  With babies as most of you know comes advice (sometimes unwanted and mostly conflicting), constant talk about babies and not leaving the house In under an hour for the next few years. As we all sat week by week having the same conversations each time a baby is born I started to think back, I seem to have blocked this part out of my memory somehow.

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