Saturday, 27 December 2014

Our Adventures This Week #9

Well maybe not really many adventures, more our Christmas week. Yes Christmas has now been and gone, the most magical time of year has ended. (I am making myself sad!) This past week has been all about magic, Christmas and a birthday!

I would like to start with Daddies birthday.  (before I ramble on about Christmas.) I always feel that myself and Daddy deserve to have a day free from Christmas mayhem and preparations as lets face it everyone gets 1 Birthday a year. It just so happens ours are both at Christmas.  (My family have always made a point of my Birthday being my day.) But Daddies was overshadowed by Christmas for many years as it is the day before Christmas Eve. So usually Christmas talk is banned as are preparations.

This year was a little different.  It worked out that our Christmas food shop had to be done this year on his birthday. We also had a few last bits to pick up. In the end we spent most of the day shopping. (which was actually daddies fault taking an hour to pick a pair of jeans!) Now we did still celebrate. First thing he got a lovely cup of tea made for when he woke up, (he doesn't like breakfast or he'd have had that too) He got to open his presents from myself and D (who even gave him a kiss with his prezzie! ) he opened all his cards and got all his other gifts before we whisked him off. Once home again we went to get food (he got to choose). Then finally he sat on the sofa while I done everything around the house and with D  for the final 3 hours letting him relax.

So Christmas preparation actually started last Saturday with our final before Christmas family visits and gift exchanges.  Starting with Granda and Nanny along with The Brady Bunch (as their gift referred to them!). Upon finally getting home the Christmas movie marathon began meaning we watched as many as we could before needing to sleep.

Sunday started our baking off with a final attempt to make fudge.  Which I was very impressed with as it actually worked!  Third time lucky, haha. So with my very dead arm being nursed I began the final clean out before Christmas (this actually lasted a few days as taking away a toddler's toy's is awful!) The first few things needed done while I remembered and would stay done until Christmas.  Firstly was to dye my hair (yes really it took 5 attempts before I even remembered long enough to start it!) while I was waiting the bedrooms had a good clear out all hidden toys/ games/ make up that where broken and not found during the previous 2 - 3 weeks thrown out and beds all changed.  With washing washed and carpets cleaned. I managed to half my list of To-Do's in one day.

Monday ended up being a check everything we have day with planning our Christmas eve and boxing meals and snacks so as not to leave the house after we had to. Corners where checked, everything was scrubbed and we cleared out cupboards and toy boxes of anything we didn't need. (A lot went to charity, not in the bin) leaving Monday night to be a relaxing early start to Daddies birthday. 

Christmas eve came and the excitement started (well for me it did D just seemed to think I was crazy) with an early start of 7.30 AM. Yes we all sleep past this with a toddler!  Our day of basically tiring out D ready for an early night. The final cleaning items where done and the fun began about 1pm with baking Santa's Gingerbread men.  This turned out to be our best batch yet. So Santa had a real treat. With decorating them ending by around 3pm ish. Our rather healthy dinner was started,  vegetable soup. Yes many people have 'party' food on Christmas Eve as it's rather easy with little prep. (Well I did as a child) Myself and Daddy decided that food full of E numbers was  out of the question.  So some veggie soup was a good no fuss (or constantly watching it) alternative.  I must say it worked amazingly as after dinner was over D was ready for his bath and film before bed.

Now while dinner was cooking D got his Christmas eve box.  I was so excited. we gave him the box, he opened it, seen the car and went to play! With no interest in anything else until we started to show him.  With his first book read and him colouring in a picture. We had our first tantrum and breakthrough all in one. Daddie had given D a purple crayon andchoose a picture telling D to colour it orange. Well D screamed until he was given all the colours back so he could pick orange!  This was a very proud moment as he can't say orange but he can recognise it. (The words are the colour that they tell you to use, we didn't read them to D or tell him anything about them.)  Once the colouring was done it was time to decorate the box together as a family.  With foam shapes and Christmas stickers in hand we got started, it was an awful lot of fun and we all really enjoyed getting arty all together on the same project (our Christmas stickers all fell of by the end of the night, but it's the memories that matter). Here's our box looking very colourful and home made! Aren't we all artists in the making? (Haha, actually don't answer that!)



Once dinner and baths where out of the way, we cuddled together watching our movie. D fell asleep 15 minutes in but had to be woken up as it was too early and we hadn't left out Santa's treats yet. Which nent we had to wake D up. A mammoth challenge when he sleeps like dead. It took a while but he got up and off we went to get Santa's special plate and glass to put his gingerbread and carrots for the reindeer on. Once Santa's treats where out we had D's uncle visit to exchange the last of our gifts. Which ment it was bedtime already! It didn't take long for D and Daddy to fall asleep. I eventually did after a while and Santa paid his visit. Leaving behind a little letter and evidence he'd been. Magic dust he forgot to clean.


Christmas morning D found his stocking after waking up at 7am. He loved seeing all his goodies inside especially his cars and flute. The trouble came when I said we should put it all back in and down stairs. Well anyone would think I had told him they're going in the bin! After an eventful tantrum D eventually came down stairs to discover he had got more toys. (I do think that he thought his stocking was what Santa had brought and nothing else) The stocking was quickly forgotten and taking the balls from the ball pit to play with them was now a priority. Once he discovered he could get in with the balls, that was most of his day sorted. D played with a few other toys before it was time to open presents. This part he had no interest in until the paper was off and he could see the toys inside! So mummy and daddy opened most of them. Except one, His drum kit. A gift u will lovingly despise for the next few weeks as will my neighbours. But D loved it so much he wouldn't wait until it was put together to play. However he didn't get to play long as Granda soon showed up and off we went to see The Brady Bunch. D was really amazed as there are 5 people Santa visited there so a huge amount of gifts and toys to play with. They even had a ball pit too. After 2 hours of playing it was time to go home for dinner. Which I must say went rather well! We all loved it and most was eaten, leaving few leftovers. A quick tidy and it was time to play again. (The next 3 hours where spent in the ball pit where he subsequently fell asleep).

I must say we all had an amazing day filled with fun and laughter as well as good food and family. Seeing D enjoying himself so much made us just love the day more and more. The only technology we use most of the day was our phones and camera's for pictures. ( an achievement I think, considering daddy uses his all the time normally) . I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did.

Leaving just boxing day to be enjoyed with chocolate, sweets and good Tv. D was content just to play most of the day. Discovering the toys he hadn't the day before. So a rather relaxing boxing day for us. Here's some pictures of D enjoying his Christmas below.

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