Saturday, 20 December 2014

Our Adventures This Week #8

Oh my, Christmas is just a few days away now and everyone is starting to run around like headless chickens. I have almost finished our Christmas shopping and now it's time to relax and enjoy the last few days and
Daddy's Birthday before the big man himself arrives. (Phewww)

Well this week we have been busy, first we had our 2nd last shopping trip before Christmas. Once the shopping had been done it was time to bake! We made coffee cupcakes with peanut buttercream, ( a request from a family member as their Christmas presents! ) chocolate snow balls, gingerbread men (they where yummy!) And finally fudge that actually worked! Yay!

We then had my birthday so I am now one year older and aged one year in a minute!  (Yes I think I am funny, I cracked myself up for hours with this!) A lovely day with D and Daddy when we went out for lunch and had fun playing with D at home. I also got to have a wonderful extra long bath, which I asked for as a present. ( wow it's amazing how priorities change as a mum!)
The next day it was all go with a 7 mile walk to get to our final destination of delivering presents to Granda's, Grannies, cousins, aunt's, uncle's and nanny's!  Once we got there we stayed for a while so D could play with the dog who he really must love as he learnt to say Doggie!

Once we got home D's young aunt came to say. They where both surprisingly good and jad a good mess up of my livingroom before sitting down to do puzzles for an hour or so before bed. We also found a new lover of our froggie bubble blower ! I must say o thought I would be really tired by the time they left but I wasn't and now Daddy thinks another one wouldn't be so bad to have! (He can keep dreaming for another year or two!)

That's our week all wrapped up. Although we do have a few more posts instore before Christmas so keep an eye out for us.

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