Saturday, 13 December 2014

Our Adventures This Week #7

It's Saturday again? Already? Yes we are only 1 Saturday away from Christmas now! I can't quite believe it, where has this year went?

This week we haven't really stopped, the run up to Christmas is a busy time for everyone and every time I think we don't have something to do I remember something else!

This week we done some more Christmas shopping and as Daddy had an appointment I decided me and D would get the bus. Well that wasn't what D wanted as while waiting on the bus he screamed and cried but nothing would calm him down.  So I took him out of the pram and asked him to show me. He walked me to town, what amazed me more was that he knew what way to go at every turn and wouldn't let me go any other way! So we walked the long way as we usually go to a shop on route to town and walk that way to get there. Once we got there he had no intrest in walking anymore as he had got to where he wanted.  This made me think about the amount of walking we actually do. We don't drive and Daddy can't travel by car, bus, plane or train. So we walk almost every where usually only getting the bus to and from Granda's.  Thinking about it now. D doesn't get a bus to or from our house and I don't know if he knows that a bus goes any other way than to Granda's, but I do see this as a good thing.  He will grow up walking most places when we go out l, which is a great habit to have so I don't mind walking when we don't have to.  It's enjoyable learning with D about lights and colours and cars Our journey.

This week we went to see Santa! D was very excited about going all morning. That's until we got there, we had to wait our turn which D was anything but happy about. After a very short wait we went inside to see Santa. D then decided he didn't like santa unless I was with him so I sat beside santa and D sat on my knee to get his picture with santa. Once we had a picture D got to choose his gift. I personally think that this is the best idea I have seen yet. You don't get something wrapped up in an age group and gender. They have a few toy's on a book shelf that they can choose from. D choose a puzzle and after getting it went over to see Santa and give his the puzzle as silly mummy had told D to pick q present from santa. Once we established that D can keep the puzzle he gave Santa a big hug and said bye bye. Here's D with santa.

This week we also had a Christmas party that we went to. We where invited last year but we all got quite sick a few days before and couldn't go. It was lovely to get out and see people I haven't seen in a few years. I was however very apprehensive as D had never met any of them and like I said before D is very aware of strangers and he is usually very funny with people he doesn't know. We arrived a little early for D to see people and get used to being around them. I must say we did very much enjoy this and enjoyed watching D interact with new people.

Although we had lots of fun last week I am very much looking forward to week when our celebrations begin with 2 birthdays before Christmas!


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