Saturday, 6 December 2014

Our Adventures This Week #6

I can't believe we are almost at Christmas! The count down has begun. Everyone has their advent calenders and today we are on day 6. I must admit at the start of this week I was  apprehensive about D and his advent calendar. 

Our calenders are up quite high on our wall but every day about 1 hour after breakfast we get to open one. On the first D didn't really understand that he couldn't have more than one. Well that's all changed now, D loves getting to open the door and get his piece of chocolate.  He even has to open the door himself!  I now fear that after Christmas I will have to take out the tray and refill with chocolate as I think he now believes he will get chocolate every day of the year! However I have noticed that every morning D is incredibly good so he can have his chocolate.  So this seems to be possitive for us in teaching him good behaviour.

Now that the countdown has begun we are doing lots of Christmas related activities.  We have been learning about Christmas with most things we do and at least once every day we all sit down together and watch a Christmas film on TV this is usually after dinner.  I have grown over the past week to loving this time together.  D always seems to get engrosed in the film and has 4 out of 6 times watched the whole thing! 

We have been learning about colours again this week,  D has discovered that lots of our tree decorations are the same colour.  He now takes of about 8-10 from the bottom of the tree and sorts them into Colours without any prompting! I am very proud that he does this and started to do it. I did start to tell him off the first time it happened until I realised what he was doing. However I did stop, once he has finished his sorting he brings me or daddy over and we help him put them back. We have now started to say each colour as a decoration goes on the tree and D really tries to say them too. But he always says blue before we do! I think blue is his favourite as there are always more blue ones than any other colour but we are getting close to saying pink. I am quite confident that through this D will learn how to say a few more colours by the time the Christmas decorations come down.

This week we didn't really go out unless we really had to as the weather was dreadful here and I hate taking D out in it incase he gets sick. So we have been playing indoors a lot. We have been using lots of his figure type toys and D loves to make them talk and hug each other. Even though D only really interacts with children we have known a long time or family members I am very pleased to discover he knows how to interact with other people. When we meet someone we don't see often D is very aware he shouldn't trust them or go with them. He does this for about 10 minutes while he guages how myself and Daddy interact with that person. I personally think that this is a good way for children to be as it means they are very aware of strangers. If someone gives D a hug and he doesn't know them Or hasn't seen them in a while he will scream. Now we always know these people so he is never in danger but it assures us that if anyone ever tried to take D or he wondered off. He would know what to do even at his young age. I obviously hope this never happens but we all worry about these things.

Plus this week we have been doing our final lets get baking which you can read about on our home page. D also turned 21 months this week (where is all this time going! We will be at 2 before we know it!). You can also read about this through the home page.
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