Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Hopes and Wishes for 2015

This is the week of the new years resolutions. My personal opinion of the new years resolution is that every year many people decide what they want to change about themselves or their lives and for the first few weeks of the year they attempt to do them. However after a few weeks they give up, soon forgetting all about them. Now I'm not saying that everyone does this. Some do stick to it and succeed.

These people, are never me, every year I make resolutions I soon give up on. So to avoid disappointment and the feeling of doomed failure I have decided that this year will be different.  I will not create a new years resolution list but instead will create a list of my hopes and wishes for 2015. Basically this list will be what I want from life and hope to achieve in 2015. I will work to achieve them throughout the year, but if I fail at some I hope to not feel like I have let myself down or failed in not doing them.

Okay now here goes:

1. I want to continue documenting our life and sharing it with all our wonderful followers - I have had such a wonderful time writing and reliving our daily life and activities, feelings, growing up and special memories down forever to be remembered and cherished.  I do hope that in 2015 I learn to convey our posts in a more interesting way and rambling on becomes a little less.

2. I hope to continue losing weight - ( yes this is similar to many people's resolutions) over the last 6 months I have lost nearly 2 stone and am 2 sizes smaller than I was at the start of 2014 (and most of the first half too). The difference between this hope and a resolution is that I will not change anything in our lives any further. I have already changed a few things in our lives, like I have mentioned before, we walk almost every where and I have been doing this more and more over the last 6 months. As well as walking we have contined to eat healthy foods and only have rare treats or healthy fruit treats like fruit salad and smooties. I don't have a specific target, I just want to be a healthy weight for D.

3. To convince daddy that it's time to declutter- this one is more of a hope that I have but have no idea how I am going to actually make this reality. So any suggestions are more than welcome! Over the past few years we have accumulated a lot of stuff, like anyone does. However this really bugs me as we don't use a lot of it anymore. I don't mind having a draw of our wires as they always come in useful when I need one, but Daddy has 3 drawers upstairs filled with stuff. I don't mean things he uses, one drawer has dried up inks, pens that haven't worked in months, paper that is never used as he just buys more, children's magazine's because he likes the pictures (yes he's basically a 5 year old!) Among other useless items. I have tried throwing things away only to be asked where they went a day later as he wants that pen that doesn't work? (I don't undersand his logic most of the time) There are more than just the drawers too. Piles, he has an obsession with things creating piles that if I move them appear again because 'he can find things that way'. Well I can't and it drives me mad!

4. Family time and activities- we really enjoyed Spending time away from technology and together as a family. Whether that be through play, baking, walks or simply siting together learning with D. I just want this precious time as a family in today's tech savvy world. Is it to much to ask?

There you have it four simple things I want to achieve in 2015 for the benefit of my life, sanity (which I seem to be losing!) And for our family.
Do you set New Year Resolutions? Do you stick to them? Let me know about your resolutions, I would love to know about all of yours too.

Finally, we all want to wish you all and your families a very happy and prosperous new year.

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