Thursday, 4 December 2014

Let's Get Baking - Chocolate Strawberry Creame's

This week we are making Chocolate Strawberry Creame's.  We where supposed to make Chocolate Pepper mint Creame's but I thought we had pepper mint flavouring, so when we went shopping I didn't get any! Oops a daisy!

( yes I do have a habit of doing 1 thing wrong every time! ) These hold special memories for me as I remember making them with my Mum, Sisters and Brother a good few years ago now near Christmas.

I want to make these a Christmas tradition with D. We will make everyone a little bag up to give to them with their Christmas presents and they can eat them in the few days before Christmas. (We usually give everyone their presents during the week of my Birthday so mid December time).We will be making pepper mint ones too, probably next week when I remember to get pepper mint flavouring!

To make this recipe for either  strawberry or pepper mint Creame's you will need;
A few drops of either peppermint or strawberry flavouring/ extract
120-135ml (8-9 tablespoons) Condensed milk
450g icing sugar
Chocolate (a pretty good amount we used about 200-300 grams)
Cookie cutters (we used small Christmas ones)

Before I tell you the recipe I want to tell you that this recipe made 150 of them. If you don't want to make this many then either half the recipe or use medium sized cutters.

Now the first thing we did was add the condensed milk to the bowl and using a sieve we added the icing sugar about 1/4 at a time. This meant that we didn't get covered in it when stirring it. D loved watching the icing sugar fall into the bowl from the sieve. It looked a bit like snow! Now we mixed (a lot) until the mixture was like dough. Yes another recipe that's like playing with play doh!

D decided not to listen to me anymore!

Once the mixture was like dough we added in our food colouring and flavouring. This part is pretty messy and best done in the bowl as you don't want food colouring to stain anything! D loved adding food colouring and watching it change colour as we where kneading the dough to mix the colour. You will need to use more icing sugar here as the dough becomes very sticky with the colouring.

Once the dough is all one colour that your happy with. We can roll it out to about 0.5 inches thick using icing sugar as flour to make sure it doesn't stick. Now it was time to use the cookie cutter. I really think this was D's favourite part. He loved pushing the cutter in. At this point D was getting frustrated by the fact he had to wait for me to roll it out again to make more. So daddy took him into the living room while I finish cutting. Once the shapes where cut we put them on baking paper to dry. All in all it took me about an hour to cut them all (good thing I will only do it once a year!) Now they need to be left to dry for about 4-5 hours. Ours are on sandwich bags as I couldn't find the baking paper so either works! Haha

Once they are all dry you can melt your chocolate. I did this part alone as D was asleep due to me leaving it to late to start them. Once I had melted the chocolate I started to dip them in one by one. (yep I'm being serious) But they kept breaking which I think it was because they where so small. So after about 40 of them where dipped I just used a spoon and drizzled the chocolate over them all. I also just added chocolate on top of some at the end to use it up. Now you let them dry again.

Once dry I bagged them up into bags of 10 and popped in the fridge over night. Then put them in the cupboard ready to be given out. These keep for about a 3 weeks so that's why we made them last. Now they are just waiting to be given out.

This was a great recipe to make and lots of fun! But next time it will only be half as we don't need so many considering I'm making peppermint ones too. But this year we will just have extra.

The recipe is from a book called baking for girls (my mum got it when we where in our early teens) although we didn't follow it exactly I just wanted to let you know I did not just think it up. I can no longer tell who wrote the book though as the front cover name has rubbed away with use during baking and someone ripped out a few pages over the years.

I hope you enjoyed reading along and I really do hope some of you try this! D loved them he has now eat two bags and always goes to get some. Only two at a time though.
Oh and here's all the extra photos too.

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