Monday, 22 December 2014

Get Crafting For Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away now and with all children now finished school for the holidays we are all looking for ways to keep them occupied whilst we finish our cleaning. 

With D still being a toddler myself and Daddy have been taking a break for about an hour every day to just be a family and do an organised activity together from puzzles to baking and best of all doing Christmas crafts.

We have done one a week for the past 3 weeks. Firstly we made salt dough Christmas decorations using our Christmas cookie cutters. Salt dough is extremely easy to make. It's just 1 cup of plain flour,  1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water. Add the salt and flour to a bowl then slowly add water until you have a good dough, roll out and cut to shape! Myself and D had great fun doing this and made Santa's from our hand prints! After we made our handprints Daddy joined in to help make our tree decorations.  We made a lot and sent some to family members for a keepsake decoration we made ourselves. Once they where all cut they went into the oven at 100°C  for 3-4 hours. Allowed to cool before painting and once all the paint has dried you can add glitter etc and cover with PVA glue before threading with ribbon or thread (ours weren't covered in PVA as I just remembered!  )
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In week two we made Santa's. Now these are easy to do you need toilet/ kitchen roll tubes, tisse or coloured paper, cotton wool, papper plates, PVA glue scissors and a crayon we also used white pom poms. Now I decided it would be fun to do this on the one day of the year that my sister came to stay, meaning I had two toddlers. Plus Daddy had went out... yes I'm crazy! However even with the mess we made they both had fun and that's what matters. My sister was more interested in made santa into a swing but we got there in the end! First we made our toilet roll Santa's by wraping a toilet roll tube (already covered In glue by me) in our tissue paper that was folded in half for an extra layer. Then added glue along a line for his fluffy coat. We drew on a line for his legs on either side and got a ball of cotton wool that we covered in tissue paper. I added glue to the rim of the santa and stuck on his head. Using more cotton wool we added a beard then a hat using tissue paper wrapped around his head then pinched in at the top with a pom pom added for the bauble. Finally we glued on some more cotton wool around his hat rim and drew on eyes and a nose (or a swing). We also made Santa's face on paper plates by adding glue for his beard, hat line and bauble then add the cotton wool in think chunks this time. Add a few ripped up pieces of tissue paper to make his hat before finally drawing eyes and a nose.
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Our final craft was mostly made by me as D had no interest in actually drawing with me just watching me but we made our Christmas eve plate with some permanent markers. Here's our plate for Santa's treats!


I must say it was great fun getting crafty with D as well as my sister and making Christmas decorations.

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