Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beginning Christmas Traditions

Well, Christmas is sneaking up on us all again. With only 7 sleeps until the Santa arrives I wanted to talk about Christmas Traditions.

When you are a child you think that every child in the world gets Christmas like you. However as you grow up you discover that every family has a unique Christmas that is moulded by traditions, family and even by the way in which Santa brings your toys.

D will be having his second Christmas this year, myself and Daddy have extensivly talked about what traditions we want to make in our family for D.

Now this actually took a while as we both had very different christmas traditions growing up. We had actually started this conversation last year but come Christmas it still wasn't resolved. In the end we have decided that we would go through each part of Christmas and decide.

Our first Christmas tradition that we want to do every year is that we want to bake cookies for Santa. This was one that didn't take much convincing. We have all had a lot of fun baking over the last few weeks and this has made the decision to bake every year on Christmas Eve an increably easy one. (Even Daddy is going to join in!)

The second is actually something from my family and something Daddy doesn't like but me and D do, so Daddy has to have some too. Everyone in our house have to have 2 brussel sprouts with their Christmas dinner and they must be eat. I quite clearly remember that neither my mum or dad liked them but every year we all had 2. (I don't know where the tradition came from but they followed it on for us to eat them on the day of the year we ate the most chocolate!)

Our third tradition we want to start is a Christmas eve box.  Now they are relativly new to a UK Christmas but I love the idea that everything you need for christmas eve is in the box. This means you can plan the day and get everything they will need into one box. We had D's uncle make one for us to use every year. We will be sharing more about D's Christmas eve box with you next week so remember to come back and find out.

Our fourth Christmas tradition is that every year in the lead up to Christmas we will make Christmas decorations.  We will only make a few and we have already started! We have had a lot of fun so far and plan to share them all with you next week when we have finished the last few! But it's another thing we can do as a family. 

A final tradition that we want to start is the in the week before Christmas we will aim to see all of our family. (Well the ones that live here) This may not be possible in some instances as we have family that live quite far away and as we cannot travel it does make it difficult however we will still try and the few that live travelling distance away do usually make a massive effort to get up to see us the week before Christmas or on Daddy's Birthday. So this one is mostly do-able.

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