Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Review - My Pal Scout

This is my first review so stick with me a little.

As it's coming up to Christmas ( we love Christmas in our house!) I thought I would share with a review on a toy we got last year from Santa, My Pal Scout.

Scout is a dog/teddy that can be personalised to your child. He teaches them colours, sings bedtime lullabies and songs that you pick from a list. Some of the songs are personalised to things your child likes and their name.

When you plug scout into the computer it asks you the child's name, favourite food, colour and animal.

Scout is one of very few toy's that have been constantly played with every day or two for the past year. D really loves scout and is constantly giving him hugs when scout asks for them and tells him he loves him.

I was really pleasantly surprised at how D knows what parts of scout to press and now recognises the symbols for each thing scout does. He especially loves singing along to the songs.

My Pal Scout, teaches D about friendship and feelings which is something unique for the age range of the product.  Scout asks for hugs when he is feeling sad in sad voice or tired promptly followed by a yawn. He even asks for D's favourite food (biscuits) when he is hungry. Scout tells D "I am hungry, may I have a biscuit please".  Teaching D manners in the process! Scout also tells you he is happy in a very happy voice.  We have found that D has been slowly learning from scout and everyone around him that when people are sad they sound different,  D now associates someone being sad with them wanting a hug. Which coming from a 20 month old always cheers you up!

Another big plus for me is how little battery power scout uses. Usually toys that D plays with a lot need the batteries changed every 2-3 weeks. Not scout, we have changed his batteries three times in the almost year we have had him. Even with this the batteries weren't done I just didn't want them to start to rust inside the toy.

The soft plush is nice for D to cuddle and surprisingly easy to wipe clean if anything ends up on scout. D loves taking scout to bed. Although he didn't like lullaby function, just to cuddle. This allowed us to turn scout off using the switch inside his back. Meaning that D wouldn't be woke up by hitting the on button. (it is where D usually holds him, his foot.)

This is definitely a toy I would recommend to anyone for a little boy and leapfrog also do a girl's version called My Pal Violet you can find them both here. I can say with great pleasure that Leapfrog are very high on our Christmas list this year!

These are all my own honest opinions. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed our review of Scout.


  1. Aww we are big scout fans in this house and 'violet' (the purple one) J had hers for her 1st xmas from santa also, he must have shares!! She is now 5. He was used like yu have said up to about 3, and now she still uses him in the middle of the night for the lullaby mode, if she wakes, but has grown out of the having to have him on to go to sleep. When S was born we knew she would have to have one too, so hence why we have the purple one too. She wasn't too fussed, but is a big part on bedtime routine with the lullaby music turned on for when we leave the room to help sooth her.

  2. It's so wonderful to find a toy that's lasts for years and years, this is always something I look for in toys. I always ask myself "will he play with it for longer than a week?" Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Scout and Violet. I love that J still uses Scout. :)


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