Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review - Froggie Bubble Blower From ELC

Today I wanted to share with you another great toy that we use a lot. The Froggie Bubble Blower from The Early Learning Centre.

When we first got the Froggie Bubble Blower I was really excited to use it as D was really into bubbles at the time. But my excitement was rather short lived as the first time D got in the bath with it we turned it on and almost instantly he screamed and tried to get out of the bath! I think it is safe to say it really scared him. I don't know what element of the Froggie Bubble Blower scared him but I do think it was the mechanical sound it makes.

With that being said we kept trying and came up with a way to make D more comfortable with the frog. We now sing '5 little speckle frogs' when we turn him on. We have been using the Froggie Bubble Blower in our bath routine for months now.

I must say I was really impressed with the bubbles, I thought they would just be like normal bubbles you blow. But no these bubbles are like frogspawn!  They stick together and flow down into the bath exactly like frogspawn sits in a pond. This means that the bubbles are easily played with without them all popping. D loves pulling them down and sticking them all over his belly, while laughing at himself. The bubbles are also amazing at creating hairstyles on top of his head. We particularly love doing this before rinsing his hair with water for shampooing.

D loves the sound the Froggie Bubble Blower makes, he makes ribbet noises. We have Incorporated the ribbet noise into our '5 little speckle frogs' and we have to wait for him to ribbet in between our singing and the froggies music this can sometimes take a few seconds but D is really good at waiting for it to come and if I say ribbet before the frog I get shouted at along with a very load 'stop it'. The music that froggie plays is really fun, D is regularly dancing to it while playing with the bubbles.

Another feature I was really pleasantly surprised about is that unlike a lot of our bath toys the suckers on the Froggie Bubble Blower are amazing. I am really not exaggerating, the first time I put it on the wall it was too high up but as we didn't use it during the bath I didn't move it. When I was cleaning the bathroom later on I tried to take it of and it just wouldn't move! In the end Daddy had to come in with one of my baking tools and push it behind the suckers to release it. I can say that now we always move froggie while the tiles are still steamed up. But I must say it will never be something a child could remove which is a massive plus in my book as it contains batteries.

The final thing I want to share with you about froggie is how easy it is to clean. No you don't have to remove the whole device every time it's used to empty/fill it. You just gently pull the bottom of the yellow holder for the water and bubble bath solution (there's a little bit cut out for you to grip) and it comes straight off as does the actual blowing part that makes the bubbles (I always say the tongue part when talking about it) when just pulled down. All you then have to do is rinse and clean then put them back.

The Froggie Bubble Blower is a bath time toy I am always recommending to friends and family which have children who love bubbles. The good thing is I don't think it's only suitable for a year or two, any child under the age of 7 or so would probably love it. (I must confess that when my bubble bath is runny low I also use it, I mean who doesn't want bubbles that last their whole bath)

I did try to get a video of froggie to show you but I can't work out how to do it or how to use You Tube, but I will work on this for next time!

You can get your own Froggie Bubble Blower in The Early Learning Centre and on their website.

All of the opinions and thoughts are my own and are completely honest.
Thank you very much for reading.

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