Saturday, 1 November 2014

Our Adventures this week. #2

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not posting this week and also for this post being so late.

But we have been very busy this week.  Firstly on Monday we went to the orthodontist for my sister who's living with us at the minute.  She got her braces of after 2 years!

Although she thinks her teeth are too big. What do you think? Here she is dressed up as Elsa for her work Halloween do.

We then spent Tuesday getting our costumes out and ready for Halloween.  We also went and done some shopping.  D had lots of fun discovering new ways to jump on his auntie and we all watched Halloween films!

We had another trip to the orthodontist on Wednesday and visited all our family on Wednesday where D had great fun running around with his light up spider! Me and D helped his aunt get ready to go out for her work do that took 2 1/2 hours :-o.

Then it was Halloween!  D dressed up as a spider and I was a Gothic Alice in wonderland.  Daddy didn't dress up.  had lots of fun. Going trick or treating, eating lots of party food, having a party and watching the fireworks from the window as D cried when the noisy ones went off. It was later than normal when we got home to bed but D went straight to sleep.

Today we learnt how to make animal sounds. D can now say rawr, oink, meaw, moo and bawk bawk. They are really cute! Right now he's dancing round the living room to Jake and the never land pirate band.


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