Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lets Get Baking - Coconut Snowballs

I love to bake, everything and anything so long as it tastes good. Usually at Christmas we buy lots of  sweet treats, something special for Christmas and Santa, Christmas day desert and for boxing day lounging around watching films. this year i have decided that we will not be buying these things as we can just as easily make them in the days running up to Christmas. some of these things I have never made so it is probably best we do a trial run of baking everything. Plus this means we can see if everyone likes them (no point making things if nobody will eat them).

With this in mind I have decided that every week we will make one thing we are making for Christmas as lots of the recipes are child friendly and the only thing that makes baking better is baking with children! (I will probably regret saying this when we get to cake type things).

To start us of we went with the simplest thing we are making, Coconut Snowballs. I have to say these are the simplest things you'll ever make and are perfect for making with young children. If you'd like to try making these you will only new a few things and 3 ingredients.

You will need:

A large/ mixing bowl

3 spoons

Greaseproof paper/ (cling film in squares about 1-2 inches bigger than you want your snowballs)

A microwave bowl/ a ceramic or glass bowl

A microwave or pot


desiccated coconut (about 300 grams)

Tin of condensed milk

A large bar of your favourite chocolate (about 1-2 large bars)

That's it, now all you do is pour the condensed milk into the mixing bowl and slowly add small amounts of coconut while mixing (probably best to let your child mix while you pour as D just tried to dump it all in). continue to do this until the coconut is still all covered in condensed milk but is not runny. it should look like very thick porridge or like this picture below (this was before D decided it needed a taste test!)

Once you have got the right consistency you can melt your chocolate either in the microwave (checking every 15 seconds or so) or on the hob whichever you prefer. (we did ours in the microwave but I forgot about it the first time and burnt it. oops!). once your chocolate has melted you can get your cling film or baking paper ready (I do recommend you use cling film) if using cling film get a spoon full of chocolate and spread in a small circle in the centre of the cling film, put on however much coconut mixture you want (just remember it has to close around the mixture) hold under the cling film and pull the cling film up and to close twist. just repeat this until all your mixture is gone and pop in the fridge until the chocolate is set.

To make using greaseproof paper put a small dab of chocolate on the sheet, put the mixture on top and mold into shape (with a spoon or even tiny fingers!) add more chocolate on top and repeat until the mixture is gone. Pop in the fridge to set and go eat the rest of the chocolate or mixture if there is any!.

I have to say we did thoroughly enjoyed doing this, D especially loved mixing the coconut and condensed milk, as well as eating lots of it! He was also fascinated by how you could change the shape by touching and poking it. We did make ours using greaseproof paper but we will be using cling film at Christmas ( I only thought of it when we had finished). But i think it is very safe to say our first attempt at this didn't go to bad nothing went horribly wrong and they taste amazing!  (Shhhh I'm having a sneaky one now.)

I have added all of our extra pictures below so you can see how much fun we had! I hope you enjoy and try these as they are very simple and perfect to make Christmas eve morning to leave out for Santa! (It will make your children even more proud that Santa will get something they made themselves just for him) Plus they can have some after lunch.

We didn't use any recipe just done it the way I remember doing it with my mum and hoping that 1. I got it right in my memory and 2. I didn't do something horribly wrong. Well nothing happened and i like I said they are really scrumptious.


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