Thursday, 27 November 2014

Let's Get Baking - Runny Fudge Cupcakes

This week we have been a bit more adventurous with our recipe, we made runny fudge cupcakes!
Yes you have probably never had runny fudge and are wondering what it is?

Well runny fudge is just fudge made wrong. Which is what I done. I don't know how I made it wrong as I followed the recipe as it said to do. I do think that I didn't let it boil quite long enough.  With this said it's rather easy to replicate as I made it wrong twice. Basically you follow the instructions in the recipe which can be found here. All exept the last one only beat it for about 2-5 minutes and pour half out into a bowl or tray lined with baking paper. You can then continue to beat the remaining fudge to make actual fudge!

Let the fudge cool either in the fridge or just sitting in the kitchen.  You will notice that the top layer will start to set but when mixed or put in a pipping bag it will all go runny again. (Don't worry it will set on the cupcake) Ensure you make the fudge without children as it gets very hot!

Next you'll need to make the cupcake mix. Your little ones can help at this point. Get all of your ingredients out and have them ready to weigh and use, you can use any recipe for cupcakes you like.  We used a basic recipe for plain cupcakes as we are adding fudge later, if you want to use our recipe here are the ingredients:
125g unsalted butter
125g caster sugar
2 medium eggs
125g self-raising flour
About 250g icing sugar
About 200g unsalted butter

Once you have all you ingredients you'll need to pre-heat the oven to 190°C, put your cupcake cases out on the tray ready to and go get your little one!

Now the first step is to cream the butter and suger, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to use an electric wisk (ours recently broke and D absolutely hates Sound it makes) Ours was then done by hand for the two reasons above. This way just takes slightly longer but also means that D could join in with the mixing. Although you can use the electric wisk then let them have a few goes at stirring it so they are involved.

Once the butter and sugar are creamed, it should look like the above picture. The next step is to beat your eggs, best to do your eggs one at a time in a seperate bowl or mug with a fork adding into the mixture once beat. Doing this ensures you won't get a rotten egg in your mix and have to start again. I must say this bit usually makes me feel a bit sick when doing it by hand wisking, it kind of looks like lumpy gloop.

Once you have not so lumpy gloop or smooth mixture if using an electric wisk. It doesn't matter too much which. D rather liked mixing it at this point as it's all gloopy and a different texture to most things we have made.

The next step is to sift in the flour. Get your child to mix as you add flour bit by bit and help them to mix in between adding flour.

He is concentrating so hard on that spoon!
Once all the flour is mixed in and the mixture is smooth with no lumps you can start to add the mixture into your cupcake cases. Make sure you don't go over about two-thirds full as they can end up really big and all stuck together.

Once they are all filled (we made 10) you can put them in the oven. Our recipe like most takes about 10-20 minutes just keep an eye on them while you tidy up. They should be lightly browned and will bounce back up when lightly pushed down with your finger.

Once the cupcakes are ready remove from the oven and allow to cool. D really hated this part! He just wanted a cupcake. But he soon changed his mind when he found out there was more to make. If like me you tidied up while the cupcakes where baking then you can just use the same bowl to make your icing. We actually used two types of icing butter cream (which is my favourite type, D's too!) And royal icing. I must admit to you that I hate making royal icing so we will not be doing this again, if you want to make it you'll need 125g of icing sugar and an egg white. Beat your egg white in a mug or separate bowl with a fork and slowly add the egg into your icing sugar (be careful as you only need to use about a quarter of the egg for stiff icing and half for runny icing . Ours was runny as I added too much egg and thought it was ticker than it was. Oops a daisy.

To make butter cream I don't really weigh anything out anymore but I roughly start with 125g of unsalted butter (Stork) and cream the butter in the so its soft. Then just add small amounts of icing sugar and cream with the butter until it looks and tastes right (you can use a recipe if you want) add in coco powder to make chocolate flavour if you like (we didn't). Put your icing/ butter cream into piping bags or washed out zip lock bag and your ready to go!

I don't have any pictures of us icing our cupcakes as Daddy was out this week and D loves doing the icing. He just squeezes the bag until it's basically all gone so I didn't have any hands! Twice during this process he tried to just squirt it into his mouth. Haha

Remember your fudge? Well you'll need it now, using a butter knife cut an X shape in the top of each cupcake. Push your finger into each cut until about half way down the cupcake. Cut the corner part off your piping/ zip lock bag and insert into the top of each hole squeezing until the fudge has pushed it back out or is coming out over the top a little. We also added a small layer over the top of the cupcake for extra yumminess!
While I was getting the butter cream bag D decided he needed to taste test our fudge by dipping his finger in. I think it passed as he seemed very happy with himself!

Now get your icing/butter cream and again cut a hole at the bottom/ corner of your bag (this one needs to be a little bigger than your finger) start piping In whatever way you want, we made spirals like on shop bought cupcakes. Continue to do this until it's all gone (you may need to double your amounts if only using one icing type as we used two). Now back to your fudge, again pipe the fudge around your design and allow everything to set. (Leave them on a plate or on baking paper as they can drip while setting). If you made real fudge too then you can set one piece on top of each cupcake if you like.

I must say that I was pretty anxious about this week as it can be very messy but we managed to not make any unnecessary mess, I was really proud of D for this! I can tell you the cupcakes are amazing and are being made for Christmas, I even have requests from family members to make them some too!

I am sorry that we don't have many pictures this week, like I said Daddy was out so it's hard to get them and bake at the same time! We will have lots next week.


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