Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Is Coming!

It's coming, Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  We are now in the preparations of Christmas ( YAY, just in case you didn't know I LOVE Christmas.)

We started our official Christmas preparations last Thursday by putting up our Christmas decorations!  I know it's still early but I love Christmas to last as long as possible. ( Daddy certainly wasn't pleased.) Off we went in search of all last years decorations as well as the new ones we  bought while out shopping.

We got the snowmen in a pack of three, the silver drums, bows and glitter silver balls small ones in a pack together with 6 of each, the snow flake baubles in a pack of 10 with white ones in too, we also got our paper garland type thing (i cant remember what it's called.) and the red and white bells in a pack of 10 from Poundland. we got our blue sparkly reindeer in a pack of 2 and our reindeer hanging plac from B and M Bargains for £1 each and i got all the window gel decorations in 3 packs from Poundland. we got our snowman plate and D's new stocking from Belfast's St Georges Market on Friday. our Santa hand towel is from Primark and was £2.50. Finally our Christmas oven glove is from Dunne Stores and was £2.50

Everything was out and sitting in the living room. So our first step was to get the tree out and up once this was done we put the box out of the way. now came the part most people dread about putting up the decorations, the lights.As usual no matter what way I wrap them to go away they always tangle up. What most people don't realise is that the bulbs just catch on each other and its easier to simple hold roughly the middle and gently  shake them, you'll soon notice that the bulbs will just need moved from around one another and you don't end up with knots!

Oh and when putting them away use this tip:

  • get a longish bit of cardboard (I am sure you have plenty from all the presents),

  • get a pair of scissors and cut slits down each side about an inch apart on one side

  • and the same on the other only start in between the cuts on the other side.

  • Wrap your lights around catching the wire between each slit and hey presto they wont need untangled next year!

After I get the lights untangled ( I forgot to do my cardboard trick last year) we where ready to go D was helping hold the lights at the bottom while I wound them around the tree. we plugged them in and get the decorations out of the boxes and onto the floor. D helped me put up my special Nightmare Before Christmas baubles on the tree while he felt the velvet loop and bow they hang with. We slowly but very much enjoyably put all out baubles on (although i have to admit I did have to move some of D's) D then decided we had to put on all the snowflakes, snowmen,  jingle bells, presents,  drums and pine-cones he could find in the box on three branches of the tree. so we got them one by one and D helped distribute them to the rest of the tree.

We then made a start on the window and D defiantly loved this part, he really enjoyed touching the gel decorations as we don't have anything with that texture. He was really amazed that they stuck to the window and was excited that Santa and his reindeer where in there too! Well after hanging our decorations and creating our garland we had everything up!

I must say I really enjoyed doing this with D this year as he was still too small last year and we will be doing this every year from now on!


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