Saturday, 11 October 2014

Letters To D

I want this to be our first post to put special moments from our first year and a half.

Dear D,

Wow it's been 19 months and yet so much has changed! I look back and think you used to be the length from from my elbow to my hand and now your nearly up to my waist.
We have watched you grow and learn. But the best part is seeing you become your own person with all your little quirks and tantrums.
I remember when you where about 2-3 months. We went with granda and your aunts and uncles to the ulster folk and transport museum, but you refused to stay in the pram and we had forgotten your sling. You cried that much we all had to take turns carrying you. That I suppose was your first tantrum.

I also want to tell you about your first plane journey. It was going to see granny, great granny, all your aunts, cousins and grandas who live in England. I was prepared for world war 3! I had dummys, baby food, bottles, toys, blankets and everything else I could think of.
But we got on the plane at airport and you had a banana baby breakfast. (I think this is where your love of bananas comes from) when we lofted off you had a little cry but only until you got your
bottle. Then you went to sleep! You slept from just over Northern Ireland all the way to London. Everyone on the plane told me how brilliant you had been and the air hostesses had forgot you where there.

Well I think this is enough memories in one letter.

Love from
Mummy x


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