Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Hopes and Wishes for 2015

This is the week of the new years resolutions. My personal opinion of the new years resolution is that every year many people decide what they want to change about themselves or their lives and for the first few weeks of the year they attempt to do them. However after a few weeks they give up, soon forgetting all about them. Now I'm not saying that everyone does this. Some do stick to it and succeed.
Wednesday, 24 December 2014

What's inside D's Christmas Eve box

Last year the American tradition of Christmas Eve boxes hit the UK in a huge way. With thousands of children getting one for the first time. Family and friends where doing this for their children, however I felt D was too young to actually benefit from a box as he was only 9 months old. I do love the tradition and the magic surrounding it.
Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beginning Christmas Traditions

Well, Christmas is sneaking up on us all again. With only 7 sleeps until the Santa arrives I wanted to talk about Christmas Traditions.

When you are a child you think that every child in the world gets Christmas like you. However as you grow up you discover that every family has a unique Christmas that is moulded by traditions, family and even by the way in which Santa brings your toys.
Tuesday, 2 December 2014

D at... 21 Months

Another month has flew in and D is now 21 months. He is growing up so fast now and we are learning new things almost every day.

We are now at that point in D's life where going everywhere in the pram is no longer tantrum free, D loves to walk.

This is sometimes a problem when we are in a hurry and D wants to walk, however we do let him walk for as long as he wants when we can. It's usually about an hour of walking before tiredness sets in so we can get some places completely without the pram.

This month we have carried on learning about getting dressed. Last month D learnt to use zips, I have quite regularly found D has unzipped his coat when we are out. Which he finds hilarious.  I walked into the living room after a bath 2 weeks ago to D sitting on the floor putting his trainers on! He can now put on all of his shoes with the exception of his lace up trainers. I must say they are mostly on the wrong feet. When told this he takes them off, puts them in front of the right foot and the process begins again on the right feet this time. D's favourite shoes to put on are his wellies! He is regularly found running round the kitchen with his wellie boots and Jammie's on. Amazingly we have never seen the wellies on the wrong feet! Which I think is a massive achievement.

He has also now started to learn to put his own trousers on. He can put both feet into one leg each (not always the right one) and pull them up at the front,  we haven't yet got them over his nappy at the back but It only takes him to move a few steps before he comes for help. I think we might be getting to the potty training stage soon.

D has also been developing his vocabulary (oh big words! Haha). This month most things he says are very clear and easily understood. He has also learnt to say;
Bye (instead of waving at the phone)
Night night
Why (this now means everything us replied with why)
Oh (which follows the many whys)

Lastly D has learnt to recognise some colours! It has taken a while now but he knows what colour blue, white and black are. We discovered this by hanging up the washing! Yes really, D loves to help us clean and tidy. But most of all he loves to give you hangers when hanging clothes up. Daddy asked D fir a blue one and he got a blue one! So I asked for all the other colours and every time D got it right! I must say it was a very proud moment for us as we have all been learning about colours for months now.

All in all I think D is learning quite well for his age and still seems to be doing it so fast! Can they not stay small forever?

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Mummies Attachment Issues

This week we don't have anything to report in Our Adventures This Week, as in a moment of what I can only call complete and utter madness I agreed to D going to stay with his Granda for a few days. So I know what your thinking... It is only a day or two? Well that's what I initially thought too.

It all started when we where doing our normal shopping trip. D had been making it clearly evident that he didn't want to do any shopping,he kept trying to run out of shops (we have backpack reins) and when this failed he literally threw himself on the floor and pretending to cry. Yes pretending he didn't actually cry! After 2 hours of this happening I was getting to my wits end, when D decided it was a brilliant time to flop down in the middle of Iceland and scream because we wouldn't let him carry a raw gammon joint! People where looking at me as if I was the most evil person they had ever seen! I was now getting angry with everyone, if my child wants to have a tantrum because I won't let him carry raw meat that's fine but it's none of their business!

We did manage to calm D down and get around another isle before my phone went. My dad wanted to ask could he take D for a few days.. This has happened before when D can't go up for a few weeks he will take him for an extra night when he can. So with this in mind I agreed. Later on, just before he arrived to get D I asked how long he was planning to keep him. His reply was until Saturday, for some reason this didn't register in my head until after he was here. I did think I could do a few days without D.

Well as it turns out the thought of not seeing D for 4 nights is just too much! I managed to go about 9 hours before I started to really miss him, I kept looking up thinking I could hear him only to remember he's not here. 2 hours later and I had somehow ended up in bed, crying. Yes I was really lying in bed bawling my eyes out after 11 hours of not seeing my little tantrum thrower! It was at this point I realised that I have attachment issues.

I must confess this really rattled me as D has been staying with his Granda every possible Friday from he was 3 months. To make matters worse I didn't cry the first, second or any other time D has stayed out. So I decided that I was going to try and do this for both D and myself (I do need to be able to let go for a few days at some point) so why not now?

I went to sleep still really missing D but feeling able to relax just enough to sleep. After waking on Wednesday actually feeling like I could get through the day and if I couldn't then I'd ask for him to come home early.

We made plans to go see some family members and visit the Continental Market (where my aunt works). After arriving at the market she asked where D was, so I explained. This seemed to make me start to feel like I had the night before but I put it to the back of my mind. After arriving at our destination I again had to explain where D was, twice. After the first time I couldn't shake the Feeling of really missing D. At this point I could tell I was beginning to feel a little Depressed over everything.

D had now only been gone for about 26 hours. I couldn't concentrate on anything for longer than 10 minutes. I was still having conversations with people and seeming to be okay (even to myself). After 3-4 more hours I realised that I was just sitting there thinking about D and what he was doing or how he was and that I had been doing this for about an hour! I promised myself I would try to get through until Thursday morning as after all he hasn't seen his granda, aunt's, uncle's, nanny or cousin (yes they all live together) since Halloween.

This didn't really work as by 11pm I was sending my dad a message telling him that I wanted him to bring D back on Thursday (I didn't mind what time, but it had to be Thursday). After about 1 hour of messaging we had agreed that yes he is coming home on Thursday about 8pm and going up to visit with me today (Saturday). Immediately after this conversation, I suddenly didn't feel depressed or even sad anymore. I was very optimistic and glad that he would be coming back home on Thursday in time for a bath, very very big cuddles and a story before getting ready for bed.
When D arrived I got a huge hug and kiss. Then granda asked him if he wanted to go again! (I could feel myself start to panic) D's immediate reaction was to try and get to him to go back with him. I have to admit that this actually really scared me, he had only been in the house for about 3 minutes. D cried when I wouldn't let him go back with granda and this broke my heart. But I just couldn't let him he was only back, although he did then wave to granda and his auntie when he calmed down a few minutes later. He even give them hugs as they where leaving. Then something happened, D got up onto the sofa beside after they left and held my hand as tightly as he could. Now you have to understand D holds my hand for very few reasons; to lead me to something he wants, when crossing roads and to go to sleep in bed. He has never just held my hand! I would like to think that this meant that he too had missed me a lot.

Looking back now on the past few days I do realise that maybe I was being a little bit selfish. However in my defence everyone around me could tell that something really was wrong. I cried both nights he was gone and I actually felt like part of me was missing. I do feel like this is something I really need to work on. I know that D can't be with me most of the time for the rest of his life, but for right now I know that 2 day's is definitely my limit and I will not be testing this boundary again any time soon.
I never realised how attached I am to having D around. I know that some of you will be reading this thinking 'she is crazy', but well frankly yes I am! I am completely comfortable with being the crazy mummy if it means I don't have to experience this feeling again. I also know that I can't be the only mummy out there with attachment issues.
So I would really love to know about your experiences on the matter. Leave me a comment and let me know:
What's the longest you have been away from your child if ever and how did you feel?

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Our Adventures this week #5

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Last week we had planned to go out and learn about autumn, but with the ex hurricane hitting the uk that got postponed. (But you can keep up to date on our projects page to see how we are getting on.)

While the horrid weather was here we played inside with D. We played with his puzzles which he is really good at and knows where most of the pieces go and claps for himself every time he gets one right which is really cute!. We also played with D`s instruments and sang songs. I think this was D`s favourite day this week. He learnt how to do "incy wincy spider" on his hands (now he will only do it for me and makes sure nobody is watching and I don't have my phone.). He is also learning to sing "you are my sunshine" he can sing when skies are grey and don't take my sunshine away very clearly!

This week we also went to visit family ( my granda and granny) where D had lots of fun with the toys and his cousin who had a light up green spider.

We then took D to granda's where he stays every week. On the way there we started to learn about the autumn weather as we waited on the bus for nearly an hour and it was freezing. Right now I'm on my way to pick him up and find out what he's been up to.
Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let's Get Baking! - Gingerbread Baubles.

Last week our Coconut Snowballs recipe was very popular, both in our house and by everyone reading along with us!

This week we are following a recipe! (This is quote rare for me usually I look up ingredients, put them in a bowl and hope for the best!) The recipe we are following is here.  It is how ever not very gingery so I would recommend adding an extra  spoon of ginger to the recipe.

Most of the actual mixing of the ingredients is done in a food processor, however you could do this by hand it will just take more time. We did use a food processor to mix everything, I did this part alone, but after it was mixed D and Daddy really had fun helping me to knead the dough and wrap it up ready to go in the fridge for 15 minutes.

I have to say this week was lot more hands on, D loved getting his hands into the dough and poking and prodding as you tell from our pictures. During the 15 minutes I used the time to tidy up, better to do it as you go along. We then rolled out the dough and began starting to cut out our Christmas baubles. Although I do have to admit I rolled them too thick and I thought we did have a Gingerbread Man shape. Oops a daisy.

Once in the oven and baked we got our piping bag, a mug and chocolate. Top tip: when melting chocolate to pipe a design. Pop the piping bag inside a mug fold down the top around the mugs edge.  Add the chocolate and put in the microwave in 10-15 second increments until melted using a teaspoon handle to stir the chocolate in the bag.If you don't have a bag use a zip lock storage bag, just make sure it is cleaned out first.

D also really enjoyed this bit, I mean who wouldn't squeeze the bag and chocolate comes out! so we decorated our Christmas baubles with lots of yummy chocolate both white and milk kinds. I am also going to make sure we put a little hole at the top of some next time (These are being made for Santa on Christmas eve). Once they are dry we will hang 2-3 on the tree to have before going to bed for Santa coming!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Is Coming!

It's coming, Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  We are now in the preparations of Christmas ( YAY, just in case you didn't know I LOVE Christmas.)

We started our official Christmas preparations last Thursday by putting up our Christmas decorations!  I know it's still early but I love Christmas to last as long as possible. ( Daddy certainly wasn't pleased.) Off we went in search of all last years decorations as well as the new ones we  bought while out shopping.

We got the snowmen in a pack of three, the silver drums, bows and glitter silver balls small ones in a pack together with 6 of each, the snow flake baubles in a pack of 10 with white ones in too, we also got our paper garland type thing (i cant remember what it's called.) and the red and white bells in a pack of 10 from Poundland. we got our blue sparkly reindeer in a pack of 2 and our reindeer hanging plac from B and M Bargains for £1 each and i got all the window gel decorations in 3 packs from Poundland. we got our snowman plate and D's new stocking from Belfast's St Georges Market on Friday. our Santa hand towel is from Primark and was £2.50. Finally our Christmas oven glove is from Dunne Stores and was £2.50

Everything was out and sitting in the living room. So our first step was to get the tree out and up once this was done we put the box out of the way. now came the part most people dread about putting up the decorations, the lights.As usual no matter what way I wrap them to go away they always tangle up. What most people don't realise is that the bulbs just catch on each other and its easier to simple hold roughly the middle and gently  shake them, you'll soon notice that the bulbs will just need moved from around one another and you don't end up with knots!

Oh and when putting them away use this tip:

  • get a longish bit of cardboard (I am sure you have plenty from all the presents),

  • get a pair of scissors and cut slits down each side about an inch apart on one side

  • and the same on the other only start in between the cuts on the other side.

  • Wrap your lights around catching the wire between each slit and hey presto they wont need untangled next year!

After I get the lights untangled ( I forgot to do my cardboard trick last year) we where ready to go D was helping hold the lights at the bottom while I wound them around the tree. we plugged them in and get the decorations out of the boxes and onto the floor. D helped me put up my special Nightmare Before Christmas baubles on the tree while he felt the velvet loop and bow they hang with. We slowly but very much enjoyably put all out baubles on (although i have to admit I did have to move some of D's) D then decided we had to put on all the snowflakes, snowmen,  jingle bells, presents,  drums and pine-cones he could find in the box on three branches of the tree. so we got them one by one and D helped distribute them to the rest of the tree.

We then made a start on the window and D defiantly loved this part, he really enjoyed touching the gel decorations as we don't have anything with that texture. He was really amazed that they stuck to the window and was excited that Santa and his reindeer where in there too! Well after hanging our decorations and creating our garland we had everything up!

I must say I really enjoyed doing this with D this year as he was still too small last year and we will be doing this every year from now on!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Our Adventures This Week #4

This week we have been thinking and preparing a lot for Christmas.

We have been getting ready to decide on our Christmas dinner menu, started our Christmas trial runs of our baking goodies!

We made Coconut snowballs this week. Which went down a treat! There are only 2 left :) so these will definitely be on our Christmas goodies list! Find out how to make your own in our last post.

We even put up our Christmas decorations after our festive shopping trip for new decorations. We will be telling you all about our day of decorating this week :)

We went on a shopping trip and now have a few of our Christmas presents in! Oh it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  (My favourite time of year!)

In keeping with our Christmas themed week and because D couldn't go to Granda's again this week, we are having a Christmas themed movie day today. We have lots of treats in and movies set to record as well as our DVD's. So I'm off to get excited and enjoy time with D watching our movies.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and are getting ready for the Christmas season!
Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lets Get Baking - Coconut Snowballs

I love to bake, everything and anything so long as it tastes good. Usually at Christmas we buy lots of  sweet treats, something special for Christmas and Santa, Christmas day desert and for boxing day lounging around watching films. this year i have decided that we will not be buying these things as we can just as easily make them in the days running up to Christmas. some of these things I have never made so it is probably best we do a trial run of baking everything. Plus this means we can see if everyone likes them (no point making things if nobody will eat them).

With this in mind I have decided that every week we will make one thing we are making for Christmas as lots of the recipes are child friendly and the only thing that makes baking better is baking with children! (I will probably regret saying this when we get to cake type things).

To start us of we went with the simplest thing we are making, Coconut Snowballs. I have to say these are the simplest things you'll ever make and are perfect for making with young children. If you'd like to try making these you will only new a few things and 3 ingredients.

You will need:

A large/ mixing bowl

3 spoons

Greaseproof paper/ (cling film in squares about 1-2 inches bigger than you want your snowballs)

A microwave bowl/ a ceramic or glass bowl

A microwave or pot


desiccated coconut (about 300 grams)

Tin of condensed milk

A large bar of your favourite chocolate (about 1-2 large bars)

That's it, now all you do is pour the condensed milk into the mixing bowl and slowly add small amounts of coconut while mixing (probably best to let your child mix while you pour as D just tried to dump it all in). continue to do this until the coconut is still all covered in condensed milk but is not runny. it should look like very thick porridge or like this picture below (this was before D decided it needed a taste test!)

Once you have got the right consistency you can melt your chocolate either in the microwave (checking every 15 seconds or so) or on the hob whichever you prefer. (we did ours in the microwave but I forgot about it the first time and burnt it. oops!). once your chocolate has melted you can get your cling film or baking paper ready (I do recommend you use cling film) if using cling film get a spoon full of chocolate and spread in a small circle in the centre of the cling film, put on however much coconut mixture you want (just remember it has to close around the mixture) hold under the cling film and pull the cling film up and to close twist. just repeat this until all your mixture is gone and pop in the fridge until the chocolate is set.

To make using greaseproof paper put a small dab of chocolate on the sheet, put the mixture on top and mold into shape (with a spoon or even tiny fingers!) add more chocolate on top and repeat until the mixture is gone. Pop in the fridge to set and go eat the rest of the chocolate or mixture if there is any!.

I have to say we did thoroughly enjoyed doing this, D especially loved mixing the coconut and condensed milk, as well as eating lots of it! He was also fascinated by how you could change the shape by touching and poking it. We did make ours using greaseproof paper but we will be using cling film at Christmas ( I only thought of it when we had finished). But i think it is very safe to say our first attempt at this didn't go to bad nothing went horribly wrong and they taste amazing!  (Shhhh I'm having a sneaky one now.)

I have added all of our extra pictures below so you can see how much fun we had! I hope you enjoy and try these as they are very simple and perfect to make Christmas eve morning to leave out for Santa! (It will make your children even more proud that Santa will get something they made themselves just for him) Plus they can have some after lunch.

We didn't use any recipe just done it the way I remember doing it with my mum and hoping that 1. I got it right in my memory and 2. I didn't do something horribly wrong. Well nothing happened and i like I said they are really scrumptious.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Our Adventues This Week #3

It's been another week already? Where is all the time going in the run up to Christmas?

Well this week D turned 20 months.

We also done a bit of retail therapy this week and D got a new toy. It's a monkey! I'd like you all to meet 'mine'. When we asked D what he was called this was the reply every time.

We also learnt about autumn this week you can keep up to date on our projects page!

This week D rediscovered his mega blocks. He has now developed an obsession! They have been played with at least twice a day this week.

D has now got over his fear of water over his face. (doing a little dance) This is a massive achievement for us and bath time isn't a struggle anymore. D pours the water over himself and finds it hilarious.

All in all we had a fun week discovering and growing together.
Thursday, 6 November 2014

D at 20 Month's

I can't quite believe we are already writing this, feels like yesterday I was writing the last one.

Well here we are 20 month's!

We have been busy this month learning lots of new things and growing lots. D is almost ready to go into size 18-24 month clothing. We have been getting some outfits here and there ready for the next size.

D has learnt about animal sounds this month and can now say rawr like a lion, bauck bauck like a chicken, moo like a cow and oink oink like a pig. His favourite is to oink.

D also learnt how to use a zip this month which is a good step as he now loves to help get dressed. Although he can now get his pj's off which seems a regular occurance when they have zips.

We are also learning about autumn and the changes it brings with it. You can keep up to date with us in our projects page.
Saturday, 1 November 2014

Our Adventures this week. #2

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not posting this week and also for this post being so late.

But we have been very busy this week.  Firstly on Monday we went to the orthodontist for my sister who's living with us at the minute.  She got her braces of after 2 years!

Although she thinks her teeth are too big. What do you think? Here she is dressed up as Elsa for her work Halloween do.

We then spent Tuesday getting our costumes out and ready for Halloween.  We also went and done some shopping.  D had lots of fun discovering new ways to jump on his auntie and we all watched Halloween films!

We had another trip to the orthodontist on Wednesday and visited all our family on Wednesday where D had great fun running around with his light up spider! Me and D helped his aunt get ready to go out for her work do that took 2 1/2 hours :-o.

Then it was Halloween!  D dressed up as a spider and I was a Gothic Alice in wonderland.  Daddy didn't dress up.  had lots of fun. Going trick or treating, eating lots of party food, having a party and watching the fireworks from the window as D cried when the noisy ones went off. It was later than normal when we got home to bed but D went straight to sleep.

Today we learnt how to make animal sounds. D can now say rawr, oink, meaw, moo and bawk bawk. They are really cute! Right now he's dancing round the living room to Jake and the never land pirate band.
Saturday, 18 October 2014

Our adventures this week #1

This week hasn't been all that adventurous. We have more been playing at home due to our bad weather. But we have been trying to learn our colours which is still a work in progress D can now say red and blue very clearly he just can't tell what objects are blue and red yet.
Anyone got any advice on how to encourage this?

We had a few early starts this week but we managed to avoid any tantrums. On the days where we got up and out early we took D to get a treat for being so good and patient. We have had a lot of appointments to attend.

But we have decided to go on a walk maybe next week and collect some autumn type things and create pictures with D to show him all the autumn colours and teach him how the world changes through the seasons. Provided it doesn't rain really badly!
Monday, 13 October 2014

D at 19 months.

D is getting so big now. We are so proud of him, his speech is getting so good recently. He talks in sentences 90% of the time. We learnt numbers and new words this month!

He now can:
Count to 5
Say Happy Birthday
I want
Thank you
Help me

He now knows what he wants and if he can't say it he'll take you to it and say me please. Which is just way to cute! So I usually say yes when this happens.

He has started lip singing to theme tunes, songs on the radio, nursery rhymes and paired with his dancing. He's like a little rock star.
Saturday, 11 October 2014

Letters To D

I want this to be our first post to put special moments from our first year and a half.

Dear D,

Wow it's been 19 months and yet so much has changed! I look back and think you used to be the length from from my elbow to my hand and now your nearly up to my waist.
We have watched you grow and learn. But the best part is seeing you become your own person with all your little quirks and tantrums.
I remember when you where about 2-3 months. We went with granda and your aunts and uncles to the ulster folk and transport museum, but you refused to stay in the pram and we had forgotten your sling. You cried that much we all had to take turns carrying you. That I suppose was your first tantrum.

I also want to tell you about your first plane journey. It was going to see granny, great granny, all your aunts, cousins and grandas who live in England. I was prepared for world war 3! I had dummys, baby food, bottles, toys, blankets and everything else I could think of.
But we got on the plane at airport and you had a banana baby breakfast. (I think this is where your love of bananas comes from) when we lofted off you had a little cry but only until you got your
bottle. Then you went to sleep! You slept from just over Northern Ireland all the way to London. Everyone on the plane told me how brilliant you had been and the air hostesses had forgot you where there.

Well I think this is enough memories in one letter.

Love from
Mummy x

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