Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Project 365 Week 23 {10th June - 17th June}

Sunday 10th June {Day 161}

Monday 11th June {Day 162}

Tuesday 12th June {Day 163}

Wednesday 13th June {Day 164}

Thursday 14th June {Day 165}

Friday 15th June {Day 166}

Saturday 16th June {Day 167}

It's been such an amazing week for us. We have been super busy from the get go with S's Birthday being on Tuesday we had a whole lot to do on Monday. I really don't think we stopped all day. It's harder to prepare for a birthday with two little ones to keep an eye on, entertain and avoid cake mix ending up everywhere. We had planned to do a bit on Sunday but we needed to pick up a new phone and had a little stop at the park. We spent her birthday at soft play with the plans for a birthday party next weekend. I prefer that we spend birthdays just us 4 and make them a little special. A big deal for just them. 

Not only did we celebrate S's first birthday this week but we also collected D's very first pair of glasses. He got his eyes tested last week and we took Thomas BB8 to choose the pairs D wanted. They had to be sent off and made to fit his needs. We had a bit of trouble with S's very thin face and he almost needed to wear glasses made for much younger children but we found two pairs that fit fairly well. He is very excited about wearing them and I think he looks rather dashing in them!

The end of the week didn't see us slowing down too much with a relaxing shopping trip, well as relaxing as toy shopping can get! Follow by a stop for coffee and a little break. Saturday D and I went out to discover Pokemon GO. Yeah we are so very behind the times but he is Pokemon obsessed and I just had to how him it! He loves it by the way. 

How has your week been? 

Hope you had a lovely Father's Day.

Friday, 15 June 2018

A Letter To My Little Girl at One Year Old

Dear S,

I can't call you Baby S anymore. Your officially a toddler! How on earth has that happened?

You are one! A whole year old. It's so hard to believe. Who knew it was going to come around so quickly?

I have a little tradition that every year on D's Birthday I write him a special letter. It's just something from me to him and now that you have turned one I am writing you a special letter too. 

Just over a year ago I had no idea when you would be arriving. Every hospital trip brought with it something new to think about, worry about and to add to the mounting pile of things we needed to watch out for. Everyone was prepared for a long labour and we even prepared for the possibility you would be born through a c-section. Looking back it all seems so scary now. A big comfort was that it would all be very well planned. That was until you decided that you'd had enough. I had one hell of a wake up call that morning! As did everyone else in our house. Thankfully everything went really well and it was 'as textbook as it could get' whatever that means? I think it went well anyway!

At 36 weeks I was terrified that we wouldn't get to be together right away. You had been considered premature. I remember asking in terror when we entered the delivery room if you would be okay. I remember saying "It's too early!" At that point it didn't really matter that it was early. You where making your grand entrance if I was ready for it or not. What a grand entrance it was too. You quite literally came into the world standing on your own two feet!

You've decided that you are continuing through life on your own two feet as well. Your so head strong and independent. Your trying so hard to walk for longer and longer now and if there is a way for you to do something without help you will give it a try. Your so full of determination, it both fills me with pride and terrifies me!

It is amazing to think that this time last year you where only a few days old and we hadn't even left the hospital yet. It feels as though you have been with us forever now. Looking back it's hard to remember what our life was like before you arrived. You truly have completed our little family. your

We have all loved getting to know you in this past year. Your such a bubbly little girl who loves to laugh. D is your idol and he just adores you. He calls you his "Little Princess" and tells everyone so proudly that you are his baby sister. I don't think that will ever change. You will forever be his little baby sister and I look forward to seeing how your relationship grows and changes as you both grow older. I can't imagine a time when you aren't as thick as thieves.

You have so many likes. The latest is that you really love trying to climb things. Much to my dismay! Your so steady and have great balance especially when your walking or climbing up on things. I know that one day I am going to scream when I find you climbing somewhere you really shouldn't be.

I've watched you reach so many milestones, some have been amazing while othrs ave felt just a little bittersweet. Each has carried it's own swell of pride and emotions before we celebrate each one. Much to your delight! Each is of course followed by my five million photos to mark each one! I am sure by the time you read this you expect no less. You are so clever already. You are smashing through your milestones so much faster than your brother. 
I'm looking forward to everything that is still to come. We have so much more to learn about you and your likes, dislikes and so much more. 

Love Mummy x
Monday, 11 June 2018

Project 365 Week 23 {3rd June - 9th June}

Project 365 3rd June - Baby S eating malteasers
3rd June {Day 154}

Project 365 4th June - Baby S standing on the hillside shouting
4th June {Day 155}

Project 365 5th June - D pushing a mini trolley around with some shopping inside
5th June  {Day 156}

Project 365 6th June - D drinking a cold drink from Starbucks
6th June  {Day 157}

Project 365 7th June - Baby S looking in the mirror at herself with her first pair of shoes on.
7th June  {Day 158}

Project 365 8th June - D with his class teddy called Thomas BB8 who is home for the weekend
8th June {Day 159}

Project 365 9th June - D and the class teddy Thomas BB8 trying on some new glasses
9th June  {Day 160}

What a week! We started the week off slowly but things very quickly escalated and we spent more time out than we did in. We did mostly have appointments or shopping to do this week with both D and Baby S needing more summery clothes thanks to all this lovely weather. We did also manage to squeeze in a few trips to the park, family walks and movie night. The weekend brought with it the very much anticipated arrival of D's class teddy! His name is Thomas BB8 and he was coming to go on adventures this weekend. D was super excited since he has been waiting since way back in September for his turn. 

This week saw us hit some very big milestones for both D and Baby S. 
Baby S got her first pair of shoes now that she is toddling around. She isn't used to wearing them just yet and often tries to take them off but it's getting less each day. 

D had his first opticians appointment earlier in the week and it turns out he is just like his dad and needs to wear glasses. He is currently just on the boarder line so he may only need them for a few months. He is very excited as you can tell! He got to go on Saturday to pick some. Thomas BB8 came with us on such a big day and even tried a pair or two on himself. D had his little heart set on this pair of Jurassic World glasses. In the end they didn't fit just right and he got two other pairs which will be ready in the next week or so. 

Next week isn't set to slow us down. Not at all. Baby S is just about to turn one! It will be an exciting week for us all and I am sure there will be five million photos to choose from next week.

Did you have a fun filled week?

Monday, 4 June 2018

Project 365 - Weeks 21 & 22

Project 365 - Baby S lying looking at her 11 months old milestone card in black and white
21st May {Day 141}

Project 365 - Baby S posing in little denim dungarees
22nd May {Day 142}

Project 365 - D took a selfie at the bus stop
23rd May {Day 143}

Project 365 - D blowing a dandilion
24th May {Day 144}

Project 365 - D and Baby S playing hide and seek on the bench
25th May {Day 145}

Project 365 - Daddies pikachu tattoo beside D's pokeball face paint on his arm
26th May {Day 146

Project 365 - Me, Baby S, D and Simon posing with lip and mustache shaped lollies
27th May {Day 147}

Project 365 - D sliding down the slide at the park
28th May {Day 148}

Project 365 - D and Baby S smiling on the swing with Simon in the background pushing D
29th May {Day 149}

Project 365 - D looking at Baby S in her pram ( black and white)
30th May {Day 150}

Project 365 - Tired AF badge in packaging with confetti
31st May {Day 151}

Project 365 - D sitting at the table colouring in a snake picture
1st June {Day 152}

Project 365 - Traveling in the car seat fast asleep
2nd June {Day 153}

It has been such a busy two weeks that I never got around to posting last weeks Project 365 so I have shared both today. We've had so many days out it has been fantastic! I am loving the sun showing it's face. We've had a few relaxing days at home but for the most part we have been out exploring and having fun. We've been to parks, visiting family, been to fun day events and we even took a car trip to visit more family and celebrate a family birthday. No mean feat for us since Simon doesn't travel at all!
We have more promise of sun for the next week and we plan to enjoy more days out and family fun. We do need to find a good balance and stick to it but I just can't resist all the fun days!

How has your last week been?

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Me & Mine Project {May 2018}

I love this time of month, the Me & Mine Project has forced me to remember to get behind the camera with the whole family and take photographs. We've had a whole load of days out since the sun has been out more. It's been a great month and I did only manage to get a few photos of all four of us together but I'm starting to really cherish these memories of us all. 

I just couldn't help but include this little snap from one of our days out this month. Baby S isn't looking, Simon is in a world of his own but D's cheeky smile just made this photo! 

This month I have loved:
*Exploring new places*
*long days basking in the sun*
*Going and enjoying the Maritime Festival and having a picnic lunch*
*Good Coffee*
*Making time every day for Simon and I*
*Getting prepared for Baby S's first Birthday*
*Taking photographs!*

This month Simon has loved:
*learning how to do a man bun, then constantly wearing the man bun*
*red checkered shirts and black skinny jeans*
*Really good coffee*
*Quitting smoking*
*Going to Ormeau Park to explore *
*Going to the Maritime Festival together*

This month D has loved:
*Power Rangers! He's still in love with them all.*
*Getting to go outside and explore new places*
*Playing at the park almost every day*
*Wearing new sunglasses*
*Learning about sentences in school*
*Going to all the new after school clubs*
*Ice cream in the sun*

This month Baby S has loved:
*Cruising around the house and outside*
*Playing at the park*
*Playing on the trying to eat all the flowers she finds*
*Climbing/ walking along fallen trees or tree stumps*
*Discovering new books and how to open them up*
*Animal sounds and toys that make animal sounds*
*Rocking out to music during the day*

What have you enjoyed this month?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Mummy and Me {May 2018}

It's already came around to that time of the month when we join in with Mummy and Me. I am normally found behind the camera and even when I am in front it will be in a selfie type photo. May has seen us get out a whole lot more enjoying the beautiful city we live in. It's also seen Simon get behind the camera! Which I love. We've managed to capture some pretty nice shots.

Standing under the green leafy arches (Mummy and Me Photo)

Up close photo of us under green leafy arches with D showing off his daisy and Baby S holding her hand out to Daddy (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

One of the days we spent out was at the Botanical Gardens where we stood under these beautiful arches which we had also done with D around this time when he had just turned one. It was both lovely to recreate the photo we had taken back then and it was a little bitter sweet to realise just how quickly time is passing by. Never the less, I love that I have both D and Baby S and that sometimes we even manage to all be happy, smiling and enjoying the days of sunshine.

Standing under the blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S ( Mummy and Me Photo for May)

Playing Under the same blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S at the botanical gardens. (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

While we explored at the Botanical Gardens this blossom tree was just begging to be stood under. Don't you think? I love how much it screams spring time! We had fun playing underneath in the shade before heading off for more adventures.

(our Mummy and Me Photo for May) Baby S and I walking down a lane with green leaves in the background. Sun shinning on us.

Of course we did take our usual selfies this month too. We've been finding lovely places to walk along and this photo of Baby S and I was taken along one of the little gems I now love!

D and I at a bus stop with the sun behind us smiling for a selfie (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

D and I on the other hand took a few silly selfies at a bus stop after we had just missed the bus. Who cares if the angle is off and the whole photo is side ways? Not me. I still love it.

How was your May?



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